Sharemarketstudies: Nurturing and Channelling the Investor in You
SharemarketStudies| Pratik Bhor
Pratik Bhor, Founder, Sharemarketstudies

The reason why stocks are the most preferable mode of investing for a few savvy investors is because, stocks provide the highest potential returns. However, if one is not well-versed in the basics of the stock market, the stock trading information spewing from CNBC or the section of the market in the newspaper can border on gibberish. That is not all; having limited knowledge about the stock market and investing in it can do more harm than good.

Pratik Bhor, the Founder of Sharemarketstudies faced a similar problem. He was just 19 when he had decided to start investing in stocks. However, his limited knowledge about the same caused many challenges for him. His stock market journey made him realize how many other commoners and fellow investors are facing the same challenge. Observing the industry and realizing that there are very limited platforms that enable everyone to deepen their knowledge about stocks, Mr. Bhor established Sharemarketstudies.

Exhibiting Distinction

Sharemarketstudies was founded on 9th March 2018 through an Instagram page with the dream of helping people start their stock market journey and to give them directions.

During the initial days of its inception, this organization just shared very basic information about stock markets and investing. However, today Sharemarketstudies is a social media enabled education platform. This e-learning platform has partnered with four brokers and has also emerged as a sub-broker; registered with NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Sharemarketstudies doesn’t just educate and spread financial awareness but updates (news) its clients on the recent on-goings in finance, business & especially about the stock market. It currently provides two courses on the stock market; one is a basic course and another one is an advanced course along with offering a full course on the stock market.

Sharemarketstudies is scaled up to become one of the leading financial influencers in India. It has a growing social media influence along with 1,70,000+ followers (as on 16th June 2020) on Instagram.

Navigating The Journey of Investment

Sharemarketstudies prioritizes its students having complete knowledge about stock marketing and while it offers information and educates everyone about the same it also emphasizes helping aspiring investors in every way possible.

For the same, Sharemarketstudies offers Demat account opening service for anyone who wants to start investing in the stock market. It has also partnered with four brokers and hence helps it’s every student find a suitable broker.

Apart from that, the organization has published two eBooks on the stock market which covers the topics including; share market basics and fundamental analysis. It has started working on its next eBook which will feature the technical analysis of stock marketing.

Additionally, Sharemarketstudies are also a premium member on the telegram group which enables its students to gather any kind of information such as; get regular updates, find important data, imp analysis, educational/economical/ financial data, company news, daily e-newspapers, etc.

A Comprehensive Study Plan

Investing in a stock market is a risky step and one has to always be prepared for any kind of situation. The faculties at Sharemarketstudies understand this fact and hence, it encourages its students to take the first step along with proper guidance. The students are motivated to go live in the market from where they learn real-time lessons.

Constant guidance, motivation, and real-time assistance are the linchpins of this organization. The organization also conducts quizzes, MCQs frequently to analyse the knowledge of its students. It also a community wherein fellow learners interact with each other and share their investing stories or learn together.

A Peek Into The Future

We have already established that enabling students or even professionals with profound knowledge on stock marketing is of paramount importance to Sharemarketstudies. While the organization’s continued goal remains the same, it also emerges as a ‘one-stop-solution’ for the stock market aspirants. The organization is also focusing on launching a specially focused course which will feature an insightful study on topics such as; Fundamental Analysis, Advanced Marketing, and others.

Sharemarketstudies is also planning on launching an app that will inclusively cover all its services and offerings. Concerning the online and offline expansion of Sharemarketstudies, the organization is aiming to reach a billion followers and start consultancies, conduct seminars, workshops, and spread awareness through campaigns. It is safe to say that Sharemarketstudies aims for a nation with financially independent citizens.

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