Shurinder Rahoo: A Dedicated Leader Focused on Transforming Education
Shurinder Rahoo| Raffles Global Education Services
Mr. Shurinder Rahoo | Founding Director | Raffles Global Education

A dedicated educational leader is driven by the enthusiasm to educate others. They are passionate, hardworking, and are always focused on learning something new. One such enthusiastic and positive leader with the zeal to educate others and strive for excellence in every activity undertaken is none other than Mr. Shurinder Rahoo, the Founding Director of Raffles Global Education Services (RGES). Born in Ipoh Perak Malaysia, he is the youngest among the two siblings. He received exposure in the field of education rgit form an early age as his grandfather served as a school headmaster and his mother was a school teacher. Shurinder completed his SPM from Malaysia and graduated in his subject of interest, Mechanical Engineering from University Tenaga National in 2013. Upon completion of his higher education, he worked as an engineer in Singapore. However,  eventually he realized that this is not what he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life.

The Journey of an Educator

Shurinder says that he has noticed many international students travelling around the world to attain education. Also, he has realized that Malaysia is developing and investing in education sector and transform into an education hub of the region. Shurinder was always passionate about joining the field education. His uncle, Mr. Arumugam, who was running Stamford Raffles College Singapore back then, played an important role for translating the idea into practise. His uncle educated and supported him along the journey as an advisor for RGES. In 2014, Shurinder initiated Raffles Global Education Services in Johor, Malaysia. In a span of 4 years, his hard work paid off and he successfully managed to open three branch offices in Tanzania, Gambia, and Nigeria. Shurinder’s dedicated leadership earned RGES many laurels; it is a certified recruitment agent from WEBA and also by Uni Agents. Other than bringing students to Malaysia, the institution also provides the service for sending students to other countries as well. It represents over 100 universities in countries such as Malaysia, China, UAE, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Spain, and Australia. During this journey of 4 years, RGES has successfully transfered 417 students across the world for education.

Focus on Educational Development

As an educational leader, Shurinder has played the role of providing the students exactly what they need on the basis of their talent, and focusing on their strengths. Accordingly, he leads RGES to provide consultation on what each student should pursue so that they can focus on building a better academic and career landmark. The institution maintains prolonged relationship with students until they graduate. This way, it is always at service to provide on-going support for the students if they have any issues in their journey of education.

About Raffles Global Education Services

Established in the year 2014, RGES is situated at Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. The institution marches ahead with the focus on ensuring that education is reachable to everyone and quality education is accessible globally. Within a few years of its inception, the institution has established a firm footing in the industry. Its dedicated services has assisted in initiating more recruitment offices in other countries such as Tanzania, Gambia, and Nigeria. The institution’s core mission is to nurture students into established, experienced, capable, and knowledgeable professionals. RGES has accrued demonstrable, key experience in international student recruitment, planning, development, and execution. Till date, the institution has successfully transferred around 417 students across the world for the purpose of education. It has established itself as a one stop centre for students who wish to study abroad.

Tackling Challenges with a Game Face on

One of the major challenges that Shurinder faced during his professional journey was to acquire finance, as he had just started his business. It was difficult even to maintain a small budget to prepare advertisements for social media. Other than that, it was also hard to manage the staff’s payment and company development cost as well. However, with the passage of time, RGES overcame financial challenges and conctantly endeavors to maintain the quality standards in terms of delivering excellent services to the students. ‘We will always try to communicate or respond fast to the student’s enquiry’, says Shurinder. The institution stands tall in the global arena giving stiff competition to its contendors.

Maintaining a Productive and Supportive Work Culture

Shurinder states that every staff at Raffles Global works dedicatedly as a family. They never face any difficulty regarding communicating with each other and overcome every issue working together as a cohesive unit. He ensures that the staffs are qualified to handle student’s transfer matters. A candidate needs to have the minimum qualification of a graduate to be a part of RGES. In order to maintain smooth functioning and to fulfill the immediate and future goals, each member maintains a very close understanding among themselves. They believe in sticking together and marching towards growth and prosperity.

Towards a Future of Endless Possibilities

Obviously, as time goes on we would want to make double triple figures of existing students transferring for education purpose through Raffles Global Education Services’, states Shurinder. Besides that, under his ardent leadership, the insitutute is also dedicatedly working towards expanding more branches in other countries. It also plans on assisting international students in smooth transition  to other countries to avail of quality education. Furthermore, RGES is also putting more efforts to expand the study destination by collaborating with more quality universities across the globe.

Message for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Shurinder believes that education is very important for each and every individual in this era. In order to start the journey to be a successful, everyone needs a proper education, hone their skills, and excel in their craft. He states, ‘In this modern era, education is like an entrance ticket to the hall of success since without education not really everyone can be someone in this world for now’. He is of the opinion that education is an essential requirement for accelerating an individual’s career and a tool to upgrade to the next level of their lives. As per Shurinder, education is important for the personal, social, and economic development of the nation.

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