SISTec Team Qualify in Next Hardware Edition of Smart India Hackathon
SISTec Team | Education Magazine

Bhopal, May 1, 2019 : SISTec Team – ‘The Fighters’ has qualified the hardware edition of Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2019 and have entered into next phase of competition. ‘The Fighters’ is lead by Narendra with Depali, Hritik and Shubham as its teammates and is mentored by Prof. Umesh K. Sahu and Dr. Prashant K. Shukla. The team has focused on Innovation category with use of Robotics and Drones to provide solutions on B-Max (Smart Media Store Management Bot)

Sagar Group’s Managing Director, Mr. Siddharth Sudhir Agrawal and Principal, SISTec Gandhi Nagar, Dr. Keshwendra Chaudhary extended best wishes to the team for their next phase of competition.

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