Six Benefits of Drama Classes for Students

Traditionally, STEM education has had greater importance in students’ academic life. Parents around the world desire their children to excel in subjects such as mathematics and science that will help them thrive in this tech-driven world. However, as the world has become more integrated than ever, the importance of soft skills have risen to the top. Though there are seminars and coaches to tutor students, providing and encouraging them to take drama classes in their elementary, middle and high school has been proven to be most effective. Numerous studies have also shown that taking drama education has helped them to improve academic achievements in all other subject areas.

Some of the benefits of taking Drama Classes include:

Self-Confidence: Performing in front of a large audience teaches students to trust their ideas and abilities. This self-developed confidence can help them in all aspects of their life.

Imagination: A world which is driven by tech, taking on drama classes provides an outlet for students to make creative choices, thinking about new ideas and interpreting the material in an expressive way.

Tolerance and Empathy: When students perform roles from different time periods, situations and get the opportunity to make the character alive, they learn about the character’s imperfection and mistakes. This, in turn, helps to develop tolerance and empathy for their peers.

Collaboration: Students learn to collaborate with the crew and thus help to develop a drama show worthy for their audience. This strengthens their foundation of cooperation from an early age.

Concentration: Practicing, playing, performing requires one to immerse themselves and thus help to develop the focus of mind, body and voice. Such skills enhance their concentration which in turn helps them to perform better in their academic education.

Problem Solving: Through their performance, students communicate the who, what, where, when, and why to the audience. This ability to improvise fosters quick-thinking solutions, which leads to greater adaptability in life.

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