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Six Sigma Quality International
Sigma Quality International

With 202+ Principal Mentors, 1000+ Auditors, and 2000+ Qualified subject matter experts (SME), SIX SIGMA Quality International (SSQI) was established in 1999 as an independent Consultancy, Training Certification Organization by team of IITians returned from USA and started startups in 2000 in India to serve motherland first with only Rs 500. It was incepted with the main objective to provide value added services and Total Quality Solutions to its valuable 10000+ clients.

In an increasingly competitive global as well domestic marketplace, the standard of quality, security, environment, safety and social accountability, globalization, climate change, machine learning, AI and exploring to multi planetary by humans are issues critical in running a successful business. Customer’s demands have been increasing continuously. Price competitiveness alone no longer guarantee that businesses will stay ahead of other in the playing field. Indeed, quality assurance system through internationally endorsed management system and Total Quality Management (TQM) will pay a dividend in a longer run. SIX SIGMA Quality International (SSQI) is now SSQI India Pvt Ltd offers management consultancy of various international standards to corporate and industries. For more info, go to, and

Turnkey Solutions Offerings

The product range of SSQI includes different ISO standards, latest management principles, total quality management implementation and public and customized training programs to corporates and students. Its consultancy and training services cover a wide spectrum of activities from the consultancy of management systems. Six Sigma has well-qualified and highly experienced trainer and consultants to augment its resources and, especially, where a specialist is required with experience in specific process and technology. Six Sigma’s trainers and consultants have consulted more than 10000+ companies and 1000,000+ Professionals for the management systems covering 1000+ Management Systems for IT, ITes, Oils and gas, Energy, Govt services, Railways, Ship and Submarines, Army and Navy manufacturing and service sectors companies. Its consultants are located at most of the major cities in India including Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Jaipur, and Nashik etc. It puts in all the efforts to economize consultancy costs by controlling travel and subsistence expenses in deputing local consultants from the nearest station to the extent possible, depending upon their availability and suitability. Six Sigma offers a service to its clients that will cover independent assessment and training of management systems to the required standard or any other equivalent national/international version. The organisation is backed by professional management and possesses a technological capability through well-qualified and highly experienced personnel.

It offers services in manufacturing as well as service sectors. In manufacturing sector, it provides services to companies in the fields of engineering, oil and gas, refinery, petrochemicals, fertilizers, and chemicals, marine and offshore, mining, construction, power and infrastructure, electricity and water, agriculture, forestry and fishing, etc. In service sector its offerings are undertaken by business in the fields of government, administrative and defense education, health care and community services, cultural recreational services, accommodation, cafes and restaurants, finance, insurance and stock holding, property and business services, personnel, and other services.

Training Services

Talking about its training, most of SSQI’s trainers are IITians, IIM plus 500 A+ grade top engineering and management colleges professionals & Ex Professors, CEO, VP and Directors who offer quality services at affordable and unbeatable price. Backed by the rich experience of its team of professionals, the company successfully provides its clients a wide range of mentoring and strategy planning for today and next 5 to 10 years ahead strategy for business success as short term and long term plan. It includes awareness training on 5000+ business strategy subjects and Total Quality Management and Six Sigma.

Sister Company

Adding value to SSQI’s offerings is its sister company Deming Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. Established in the year 2000, at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, DCS offers clients total certifications solutions that helps in enhancing systems and processes at their end. Further, the expertise of certifications personnel also assists the company in changing the working pattern of several organisations by bringing positive change in their work culture as well as inculcating quality in every sphere of involved operations. The solutions offered by DCS cover areas like ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 27001 Certification, ISO 14001 Certification, SQC/SPC Certification, ISO 17025 Certification, and ISO 22000 Certification. Apart from this, it also offers solutions for HACCP Certification, ISO/TS 16949 Certification, OHSAS 18001, Social Accountability Certification, Risk Assessment Services, ISO 20000 Certification, Project Management Certification, SA 8001 Certification and Third-Party Inspection and Verification Services.

The DCS is committed to improve business performance of its clients with effective certification of management systems, inspection and verification and add value to the process/system during surveillance audits. It is also committed to safeguard life, property, environment, health and safety through quality and quality assurance.

It has designed and implemented a certification of the management system modeled along the lines of national and international standards. The company aims at providing independent, impartial, non-discriminatory assessment and certification in cost effective manner and accessible within defined and approved scope of certification.

Other company includes UKJAS accreditation Pvt Ltd, your accreditation matters (, International Green Building Council (, Global GBC (, World first yoga directory (, World first organic directory (, International Register (, India’s make in India,,

Customer-Oriented Approach

Speaking about Strategy, SSQI mainly focuses on three aspects which include focusing on market facing business, cutting the overhead 10%, and becoming most profitable firm in the world. With this strategy, the company is striving to achieve its goal of having satisfied customers by providing prompt and efficient service, maintaining customer satisfaction above 80 % per year, and increasing the turnover by at least 100% per year.

Moreover, the company also guides businesses in achieving several awards for quality such as Golden Peacock Award, Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award, Deming Prize Award, European Quality Award. Company also launch Ecommerce to help Indian manufactures to get access to international customers by to compete china’s in wholesale industrial segment and to help small to large business to compete USA in retail consumer segment during pandemic. For more info refer our mayu group of companies ( in diversifies area like tata group.

The Person Behind the Success 

Founder-member and CEO Mukesh Singh is a qualified electronics and telecom engineer. He completed his MBA in total quality management (TQM) from Lucknow University and PG from IIT Bombay (Powai). He worked in the US with Dow Chemicals as information security expert for the company’s Detroit and Netherlands plants.

Sharing about his journey with Six Sigma, he says, “After returning from the US, started working full time for Six Sigma. We started Six Sigma in 1999 with mainly different international consultancy projects. Initially, we gave services to private companies only. After five years, we started working with number of government departments as well. Now we are working with all multinational companies, government departments, PSUs and also number of small companies. We are basically a consultancy, training, and certification company.”

He adds, “We provide all international certifications which are valid in 200 countries over the world. So, we are helping all Indian exporters to explore the world for different markets. We are handling 400 different kinds of international certifications which are required for products to ensure quality, safety, environment, energy, information security, product certification. We have various training programmes. Basically, it is all about taking business to international markets. Now we have more of Indian exporters who export materials to Russia, Euro-Asian countries, European Union, and African countries. So whatever certificates they require to export we help them with it.”

Singh explains that to explore new markets one requires quality and safety certification from different international bodies. Like, if any Chinese company wants to sell their product in Indian market, they require ISI certification; if Indian company wants to sell its product to Russia or Kazakhstan, they require Gost-R certificate, EAC certificate and technical passport. It is like Visa for products or else their products will be halted by the customs department of that particular countries.

He had his share of ups and downs but has always tried to overcome them with something new.

“We developed number of new products and services. So, we are one of the leading certification companies in India,” Singh states.

Another founder-member is Dr Padmanabhan ex-scientist of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The SSQI is a one stop solution for consultancy training and certifications services, which offers almost 200+ ISO certifications, thousands of training programs, Strategy management, M&A and all ISO certification services as a turn-key project. Businesses do not need to go anywhere else to find a solution, as it provides all the solutions under one roof. The company is a leading player in consultancy training and certification, and the reason is its value-added services at affordable price which improve profitability, brand name and cutting overheads of the businesses. Secondly, SSQI offers it services all over India and overseas.

Besides, consultancy, training and certification offered by Six Sigma is accepted in 210 countries around the world, making it a brand for quality. The company and its business partners are the members of various national and international forums. In addition, it also provides 24 X 7 online support. These all-value-added features make SSQI a right partner for businesses. “We believe in providing the best of our services to our valued clients because their belief on us is our real strength and achievement, we regard our every client as the foundation stone of our organisation,” the team at SSQI asserts.

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