Solitaire Global Schools: Cultivating Cross-cultural Understanding among Pupils
Solitaire Global Schools

The child’s intellectual and emotional development is the main focus of contemporary education. Therefore, co-curricular activities must be used as a significant adjunct to academic instruction. Some schools in modern times have perfectly amalgamated curricular and cocurricular activities.

21st-century learning refers to the acquisition of knowledge and practical abilities during the academic process, including communication, cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking. While many schools today may make similar promises, only a select number are actually able to meet all the needs of today’s students.

Located in the thriving metropolis of Hyderabad, Attapur and Kattedan, Solitaire Global Schools can be a prime example of a school that fulfils the duties of making itself comprehensive. It was launched by Mir Murtuza Ali, an Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of success in chosen businesses & fields. Along with Solitaire Global Schools, he has also launched and managed UTlines, Solitaire Fitness Chain & Glorium Schools.

The mission of the founder was to incorporate activities that enhance the qualities of the spirit. He believes these qualities are as important as academic learning.

It is a prestigious organisation that takes pleasure in offering its students a top-notch education. Solitaire Global Schools provides a favourable learning environment for kids to explore, learn, and grow thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure, including well-appointed classrooms, contemporary science and computer labs, a well-stocked library, an amazing auditorium, and superb sports facilities.

At Solitaire Global Schools, the emphasis is placed on holistic growth as well as academic performance, fostering well-rounded individuals who are equipped to face the challenges of both their personal and professional lives. The faculty at the school is made up of professionals who are passionate about giving children a high-quality education.

Succeeding in Fast-paced Environment

The academic programme of the school is built on the widely respected Cambridge curriculum. In order to prepare students for success in a fastpaced and interconnected world, the curriculum is created to cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and problem-solving aptitudes. It also encourages effective communication, cultural awareness, and social responsibility. Students are inspired to think creatively, explore their passions and interests, and develop into global citizens who can benefit society at Solitaire Global Schools.

Offering a range of extracurricular activities, in the opinion of Solitaire Global Schools, is essential for kids’ overall growth. It provides a variety of chances for its students to explore their interests and learn new skills, such as sports, music, theatre, and community service. In order to better prepare them for the problems of the real world, these activities give students a platform to demonstrate their creativity, leadership, and teamwork abilities.

Making Learning an Engaging Experience

To ensure that pupils are thoroughly engaged, the school also adds meaningful activities to the curriculum in addition to extracurricular ones. Lesson plans that are dynamic, interesting, and in line with international standards are created by teachers. Future global leaders need critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, and the school fosters these abilities through the use of cutting-edge teaching techniques.

A well-rounded education that equips students for success in both their personal and professional life is something the school is dedicated to offering. It holds that producing future world leaders who can have a beneficial impact on the globe requires healthy learning experiences.

Fostering Cross-cultural Understanding

The students of Solitaire from grades 8, 9, and 10 recently got the chance to discover various cultures and ways of life at the Maa Anandmaye School (MAMS) in Dehradun, a beautiful city in north India, as part of the AFS Cultural Exchange Programme. Students were matched with their MAMS counterparts and given a chance to converse about their various cultures over the course of nine days, fostering cross-cultural understanding and global knowledge.

The summer camp offers flexible scheduling options with morning and evening sessions to accommodate students and parents. Overall, the summer camp is proving to be highly successful in empowering students, fostering a love for sports, and promoting physical activity.

Ensuring Comprehensive Education

Solitaire Business Schools, a prestigious institution of higher education, is dedicated to providing comprehensive undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses in various business fields. The school’s modern facilities and conducive learning environment aim to facilitate students’ growth and excellence in their respective areas of study. Experienced faculty members prioritise delivering quality education while emphasising ethical values.

The school’s goal is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful professionals and make a positive impact on the global business landscape.

International Affiliations

Solitaire Business Schools has affiliations with Pearson International, enabling students to earn an international degree/certificate by studying in India for two years and completing the final year abroad. Additionally, the school offers specialised courses for CA, CMA, and ACCA, in addition to HR, Marketing, Business Management, and Accounts & Finance.

Solitaire Global Schools, as a Cambridge PDQ (Professional Development Qualification) center, provides professional development courses and qualifications for teachers and educational leaders. These courses, developed by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), focus on practical and impactful training to enhance educators’ teaching and learning skills, as well as their leadership and management abilities in the field of education. The PDQ Center offers a supportive and collaborative environment for educators to learn, develop their skills, and gain recognition for their professional accomplishments.

Full-circle Strategy

Solitaire Global Schools, a renowned educational facility in Hyderabad, provide a comprehensive education from kindergarten through high school. The academic programme at Solitaire Global Schools is dedicated to a well-rounded education. The school aims to give students access to higher education and the training they require to be leaders in the global workforce through its full-circle strategy.

Stronger Emphasis on Outdoor Education

The school places a strong emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities in addition to academics to promote student teamwork and physical fitness.

Modern facilities can be found at Solitaire Global Schools. The school has cutting-edge classrooms, a well-stocked library, and a variety of sports facilities. The school also boasts a volleyball court, basketball court, football pitch, karate arena, cricket pitch, swimming pool and a lovely splash pool for little children. Additionally, the school has dedicated music, dance, art and craft rooms, computer labs, math, physics, and biology labs. The school also features a separate activity space only for kindergarteners.

Teachers at the school put in much effort to assist students in reaching their full potential while having a great time doing it. They are highly certified and experienced. The school also offers a unique, one-on-one service for pupils who require further assistance.

Students of all ages seeking a top-notch education should consider Solitaire Global Schools because of its comprehensive curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and committed faculty.

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