Sparkle Career and Counselling Centre: Guiding towards the Bright Future
Sparkle Career and Counselling Centre
Sparkle Career and Counselling Centre: Guiding towards the Bright Future

Career! A part of our life around whose the life of us and our loved ones revolve around. It is not the only thing in life but is essential for living a good life. Every child sees a dream in childhood that they want to be a doctor, engineer, businessman, and many more. However, the goals kept changing with their growing preferences.

As we know, the world is evolving rapidly; with these changes, ample opportunities are emerging for today’s generation. Similarly, this generation is also enthusiastic and adopting the evolving changes, but often the students may get confused while selecting their specialized courses. Many times, they could not even identify their niche interest.

These issues have emerged in recent years since technological advancement has been booming. Earlier, the scenario was different; some mainstream career options like engineering, doctor, and management were always in focus. Today, the system has changed, and many new streams are trendier, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and many others.

It is an enormous challenge for the modern-day generation’s parents and students. Many consultancies have firmed and provided different financial, business, and career solutions to overcome these challenges.

Many organizations hire consultants for guidance related to their investments, mergers and acquisitions, students’ endeavour to study abroad and even choosing an appropriate career. Sparkle Career and Counselling Centre is the centre that not only aims to provide an appropriate vision to the parents and their children towards their careers but also guides them in the entire process.

Sparkle Career and Counselling centre helps students gain the knowledge and necessary skills to shape their studies and career. It also provides a specialized program, i.e., ‘Study Boss’; this program helps draw a chart about the student’s interests and innate skills. The centre also solves family, couple, individual, work and many other issues.

The idea behind providing these services is to help individuals gain insight. Because the Founder of the centre Namita Shah faced many challenges during the selection of a degree course for her son when he was 13 years old, and her partner Dhruvi Gangar’s passion is to help the students during the most crucial period of their life.

While conversing with The Knowledge Review, Namita Shah and her partner Dhruvi Gangar shared the centre’s future eyesight, unique services, and victory.

Historical View of the Centre

In 2006, the Spark to drive students toward their bright future arose in Namita. She started working in counselling and psychology and counselled numerous children and parents to select the best educational field.

Namita Shah established the centre when she was troubled about finding the best career option for her son at 13. She kept looking for career counsellors who could help them find the best educational stream, and they didn’t find any valuable advice from anyone, and she had to guide her son by herself.

Since then, she decided that she would counsel other students to select the best education for their career growth.

Sometimes students don’t understand what is the best field of education and what are their interests? It is a generic confusion students have; few don’t know about their interest and chooses the wrong educational path.

They might score well in that field, but sooner or later, they don’t feel excited. Sparkle’s main objective is to clarify each degree course and what will be the future of every educational course. Meanwhile, Namita and the team try to find the students’ interests and suggest the best suitable academic field.

Compassionate Duo

The centre’s Founder is Namita Shah, and Dhruvi Gangar is a respective partner; both ladies share the same passion for counselling the students and parents regarding their career path, educational field, and many more.

Namita Shah is a professional counsellor with more than ten years of experience in remedial education that deals with various issues while selecting professional degree programs.

She has completed her education in ECC.ed, remedial educator, and M.S in psychotherapy and counselling. She also received a therapist and career counsellor certificate from UCLA (California). Namita also has a regular membership of the Asia-pacific career development centre (APCDA) and has been a registered counsellor at National career services (Indian government-owned career services department).

Whereas Dhruvi Gangar is a respective partner in Sparkle, she was a psychologist and a chartered accountant. She has shifted her career and started counselling students because of her passion for helping others. Dhruvi is a certified career counsellor, parenting trainer, motivational speaker, and skills-enhancing expert.

Future Eyesight, Quest and Beliefs of the Centre

While conversing with Namita and Dhruvi, we put forth the question about the vision, mission, and core values of the centre; they cited-


“To become a one-stop solution to individual’s career needs.”


“To help individuals understand what & why of their life.”

Core Values-

  • Focus on a complete personal analysis of the child.
  • Giving that understanding to the child and parents without bias.
  • Choices made should be considered for the long term, not just based on the trend.”

Intent Behind the Initiative

The main objective of Namita and Dhruvi is to help individuals and train them to be the best version of themselves because selecting an appropriate degree course is the first step in the journey of a career.

They try to provide maximum satisfaction to students and their parents by providing them with the knowledge of what and why of their career life span.

Outshine Counselling Methodologies

After highlighting the objectives and goals of their centre, Namita and Dhruvi enlightened us on the strategies that focus on students’ career and helps them excelling their counselling methodologies, “We feel counselling methodologies are almost the same for all the practising counsellors. What we do differently is we think it is important to evaluate individuals’ personalities and combine that with their interests; we also conduct aptitude and various other tests while arriving at the career options. It helps us make a 360˚evaluation of an individual, which proves that coming to ‘Sparkle Career and Counselling Centre’ is a perfect place to make a good career decision. Even we take afterwards sessions, in which we guide the parents, and the session is not a quick one, but it takes a minimum of an hour-long session, which helps the parents and child to understand the careers in-depth and then they can even ask questions and queries if they have for the same.

Victories of the Centre

The Sparkle Career and Counselling Centre has a 90 per cent satisfaction rate from the services they provide to their clients.

Unique Services 

Being in a career counselling services, the centre has detailed analysis and reports which helps them to provide the best career solutions to the students and their parents. They guide the students for three or four educational streams that are accurate and easy to navigate further opportunities.

The service centre also provides information on different aspects such as market scope, an overview of the institutions and the related things. After providing the services, they also conduct post sessions when their clients pursue their suggested career path, which helps them to do a 360-degree evaluation of an individual.

They also provide a program where students can master their studies with the ‘Study Boss’ program.

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