Sri Lankan Education Department to Implement AI in Education
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On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka announced its efforts to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into the school curriculum and educational framework. The ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday to introduce AI initiatives for students in 20 Sri Lankan districts.

  1. P. Munagama, the additional secretary for IT and digital education at the ministry, stated that Sri Lanka has recently prioritized the integration of AI and related technologies into the existing curriculum and upcoming reforms. The initiative with Microsoft, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, aims to introduce AI integration into the school curriculum for 20 schools and 100 teachers in the pilot phase, starting with grade eight.

The program, scheduled for full implementation by 2025, will be supported by a dedicated team from Microsoft, facilitating online educational activities, according to a statement issued by the President’s Media Division of Sri Lanka. Additionally, the education ministry has been collaborating with private companies to explore feasible ways of integrating AI technology into the education system, including the recent launch of a program at the Skills College of Technology in Colombo.

Munagama highlighted several potential benefits of incorporating AI into the Sri Lankan education system, such as addressing the shortage of teachers in subjects like STEM and engineering technology. He emphasized the potential for AI-assisted tools to support the learning platform and aid teachers in developing pedagogical activities.

While Sri Lanka is still in the early stages of integrating AI into the education system and faces challenges related to infrastructure, Munagama expressed optimism about the country’s progress in this area, noting continuous advancements.

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