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To develop curriculum with the change in industrial demand and reach within maximum people

In today’s’ technology-driven world, it is important to prepare our students for the techie future. Imparting technical knowledge to young minds throughout their schooling can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers and become productive members of society. This not only applies to children but to adults as well. Today’s institutes have already recognized the importance of robotics and automation in the classrooms and are teaching the basics of robotics and automation. These initiatives are opening a completely new world of exciting opportunities that the young minds would not have access to otherwise.

Srishti Robotics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one such unique learning facility for school and college students to understand the principles behind robotics and automation systems through integrated training. It is the only institution in Kerala providing industrial robot programming training for engineering students. The firms’ first office, located in the heart of the city, focuses on robotics training from manually controlled robots to voice controlled and vision-based systems. Its second office is at Vimal Jyothi Engineering College campus- the parent institution of Srishti Robotics – which also conducts training programs in Qatar and Dubai with its partners. Facilities at Vimal Jyothi Engineering College are more focused on industrial robots, programming, and automation system development including CNC machines for custom product development.

The company is well established in the robotics and embedded system training field with more than 500+ training sessions and reach of more than 60+ Educational Institutions in South India. It is the best learning facility providing industrial robot programming using its Yaskawa GP8 industrial robot, which is imported from Japan. The uniqueness of this program is that it teaches the trainees not only robot programming but also the integration of low-cost micro-controller boards like Arduino platforms for integrating complex sensors.

The institute teaches its students technical concepts through the best combinations of mechanical, electronics, and software systems. Its team offers high-level technical support to a growing customer base. With years of research and development in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Automation, Agriculture, Water management areas, Srishti Robotics is growing to a new level.

About the CEO

The motorist behind Srishti Robotics as its CEO is Sunil Paul. He started his career as an Assistant Professor at Vimal Jyothi after dropping job offers in Germany and Japan. He started the company with two of his B. Tech students, graduates of Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Chemperi, Shine SreedharCTO– Head of all activities at Srishti -and Vipin MathewHead of training– in 2015.

According to Sunil, “Engineering skills are more important than theoretical knowledge in classrooms”. With this, the training was started by focusing on college students. Sunil also joined Kochi’s The Choice School as Head of Innovation and Design Lab to understand all the aspects of robotics education at school level and started offering training to students from primary school to professionals.

Unique Training Methodologies

While talking about working philosophy, the firm states, “Being a team of vibrant engineers, we are engineered to outperform, redefine quality, increase efficiency and elevate superiority. Our mission is to empower the world to innovate, design and build faster and better with our cutting edge and tailored technology. Our lab will be Partner for new possibilities”.

The facility trains the student to understand the principles behind everything. This kind of training can make real leaders with ultimate confidence in their skill sets. Srishti’s syllabus is based on current industry requirements such as programming industrial robots for various applications. In addition, it keeps itself in line with the industry by updating to automation system designers, microcontroller programmers, industrial robot programmers, and robotics teachers.

The training helps the students to participate in technical competitions organized by NITs and IITs in India. The firm also focuses on events in the US, China, the Middle East, and other national level competitions. It is also conducting RoboRAVE Kochi competition in association with RoboRAVE International USA, where the student can take part and come across a unique learning curve.

The association with RoboRAVE International USA helps students in conducting international robotics competitions in India and guiding them to participate in robotics competitions in China and the USA. With the expanding business to the Middle East and more association with institutions in India, there are many opportunities for students to interact with other countries through international events.

On a personal level, the facility believes in experiential learning. The programs at Srishti help the students to not only improve their technical capabilities but also to face the toughest challenges in critical situations and take quick decisions in difficult situations. Participating in high-quality events can make a huge impact on their leadership skills and confidence.

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