SRM UNIVERSITY-AP’s Directorate of IR&HS Redefining Global Education Standards

In the dynamic landscape of global education and employment, SRM University-AP reaffirms its commitment to producing not just graduates but global citizens through the instrumental role played by Directorate of International Relations & Higher Studies (IR & HS).

At SRM University-AP, IR & HS stands as a catalyst in producing graduates who transcend geographical boundaries. It goes beyond the conventional approach to education, shaping global citizens equipped to navigate the complexities of an interconnected world. The focus is not solely on degrees but on fostering a global mindset that prepares students for the challenges of a diverse and dynamic workforce. Currently, the university proudly hosts over 150 international students from more than 24 countries who have joined us for BSc, BTech and Management programmes enriching the academic landscape with diverse perspectives.

Global Immersion Programmes, Semester Abroad Programmes, and International Internships offer students immersive experiences, exposing them to diverse cultures and educational practices. These initiatives extend beyond the classroom, providing a holistic education that goes beyond borders. The university has established research collaborations with prestigious institutions such as Maine University, USA, fostering a culture of academic excellence and innovation.

Events such as the Diplomatic Exchange and Global Principal Conclave showcase the commitment of SRM University-AP to fosters global partnerships and collaborations. These forums create opportunities for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative ventures, enriching the academic experience for students by encouraging the spirit of curiosity, multidisciplinary alliance, inbound and outbound exchanges, research and outreach programs that transcend borders.

In a significant development, the recent appointment of Ms. Aditi Jain as Director of International Relations & Higher Studies (IR & HS) brings a fresh perspective and renewed vigor. With a wealth of over 18 years of experience spanning education, skill development, and the EdTech industry.  She has contributed to Fortune 500 companies, the development sector, universities, and global start-ups, including renowned organizations like American Express, Samsung, Microsoft, and Bennett University.  Ms. Jain is poised to lead the Directorate to new heights, contributing to SRM University-AP’s standing as a global education hub.

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