St. Gilgen International School: Igniting Curiosity in Young Minds

The school days are often the most important time in humans’ life. It’s a stepping stone for the responsible members of the future society. During these days, students recognize their unique abilities and discover their inner strengths. At the same time, esteemed schools complement students by fostering a nurturing environment and making them understand the significance of their habits and goals. Therefore, it becomes a place that not only teaches its students how to make a living but how to live a life that is meaningful and worthwhile. St. Gilgen International School is one such renowned school that delivers education at its best. A school, where creativity has been thriving for years.

Let’s take a walk with it to understand its journey and how the school is successfully keeping the interest, motivation and curiosity of students alive and thriving:

Inspire Learning through Great Vision

St. Gilgen International School is a prestigious private school nestled in the heart of the charming lakeside town of St. Gilgen. Situated on the exquisite Lake Wolfgang and surrounded by the Austrian Alps, it’s location ensures offering of an ideal learning environment for its students. A stone’s throw away from the cultural hub of Salzburg and a short train ride from Vienna and Munich, it delivers the best of both worlds where its students can enjoy a breathtaking outdoor paradise on its doorstep, and easy access to big cities.

It recognizes the importance of success and ensures that every student can thrive on his or her excellence. It focuses its energy on delivering each of the following missions to the very best of ability:

-“We believe that every child has got talent and we will develop it”

St. Gilgen school aims to empower students to reach their fullest potential. It guides its students to forge their independent educational path with their unique skills, knowledge, energy, and ideas. 

-“We believe in making a positive impact in the world” 

Nurturing the young minds of students, St. Gilgen  school helps them to become thoughtful and provide them with insights on the importance of being global citizens. It helps them grow as ethical people who will live responsibly, contribute and play important roles in building welcoming and progressive communities.

-“To discover a lifelong love of learning”

Instilling values in students that they will never stop learning and will always stay curious, interested, adventurous, and engaged with their communities and the world keeps the St. Gilgen International School’s legacy alive.

An Educator with Progressive Views

Leading a school with its mission in contemporary times requires a responsible personality. A spearheaded individual who will keep an ideal learning environment  and enhance the academic programs, according to the changing nature of generation. Ms. Martina Moetz, Head of School  at St. Gilgen International School is one such personality who believes in delivering education in its truest sense. She is a passionate leader who have been sculpted by her diverse experiences.

“My personal belief is that we need to educate both hearts and heads.”,says Ms. Moetz.

After completing her studies in Austria, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in the USA. She carries an experience of 21 years, 18 of which she spent abroad at schools in the Bahamas and Angola. Prior to taking on her role at St. Gilgen International School, Ms. Moetz was head of School at United World College, New Mexico, USA. This broad range of experience equipped her with perfect leadership skills that St. Gilgen International School’s board was looking for. The school was happy to hear about Ms. Moetz’s decision of moving back to Austria and invited her to write the next chapter in the school’s history.

“Together with the students and dedicated teachers, I wish to continue to build this excellent foundation; fostering and strengthening community ties, building trust and confidence in a team of leaders at both administrative and governance level, enriching a balanced school between education, care and activities, whilst continuing to focus on internationalism and a global world view.” – Ms. Moetz

Rising to Prominence

With close to 200 students and a 5:1 student/teacher ratio – St. Gilgen school has spun and derived its own term known as “pastoral web” around students – a highly individualized care network. The school has a great desire to instill a love of learning in each of its students. Its state-of-art curriculum and avant-garde teaching methodologies are designed to fuel natural curiosity. Offering the coveted International Baccalaureate (IB) accreditation, its students are equipped with indispensable skills to study at the world’s elite universities. With teams of mentors, teachers, and nurses guiding the way, every child has the support to explore and develop their talents in a variety of different fields. 

“This is not your ‘teacher talks for an hour and thanks for coming’ education – this is where teachers strive to build an energy of relentless curiosity in each classroom and empower young minds to stretch and fill their potential.”- Ms. Moetz

It has dubbed this philosophy ‘the path of excellence’, and based it on three pillars – excellence in care, excellence in education, and excellence in opportunities. The school has pledged to never compromise on delivering these three promises. St. Gilgen International school ensures that each student is well-endowed on his or her individual path of excellence. 

Honorable Accreditations

The school is diverse in its approach towards its curriculum. All of its learning phases from grades 4 to 12 are characterized by a broad range of subjects that include Language, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Arts. This is complemented by interdisciplinary learning and developing trans-disciplinary approaches such as research, communication and thinking skills. For delivering an excellent high standard progressive education the school has been honored with notable accreditations such as: International Baccalaureate Organization, Council of International Schools, The Swiss Group of International Schools, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, and the European Council of School.

“Central to excellence in education is our learning mantra: to know, to question, to share, which carefully aligns with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile and approaches to learning.” – Ms. Moetz

 Thriving within Paradise

With nature at its doorstep, St. Gilgen conducts activities that provide its students with a sense of belonging. With over 40 different outdoor and cultural activities to choose from – it treats the world as a classroom and ensure professional guidance is always at hand. A state-approved mountain guide leads hiking expeditions (like an expedition to Mont Blanc), horse riding lessons take place in a first-class horse stable and students learn basketball from former NBA players are few examples of its efforts to create a lively environment. Students can also enjoy professional golf lessons and seasonal sports like rowing, water skiing, canyoning, ice skating, and climbing.

With inspiration for crafts, all students have access to professional arts, theatre, dance, and music lessons. Of note is the school’s partnership with world-renowned Mozarteum in Salzburg offering an unrivaled music education. “Mozart’s mother actually lived in St. Gilgen, so inspiration is never far away!”-Ms. Moetz

Composing a Harmonic Future

Throughout its history, St. Gilgen school has been embracing its diverse and international community. The school is proud to have a community of over 25 different nationalities. Furthermore, it plans to increase the capacity of students from 200 to 240. St. Gilgen International School maintains impressive diversity and continues to build its unique community as it unveils the next chapter of growth.

 “Come and experience our school for yourself! A trial day is the best way to understand all the opportunities that St. Gilgen International School offers your child. Included in our trial day is a tour of the school, an interview with our Deputy Head, placement testing for English & Maths, attending a range of classes & an afternoon of activities and staying overnight in the boarding house. Just visit for all the info and get in touch. We look forward to your visit!”

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