Standford University Teacher Education Program (STEP)

The Standford University is a private research university in Standford, California, having one of the largest campuses in the United States. They provide a teacher education program of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, which aims to accumulate teacher leaders who share a set of core values. This contributes a commitment to social justice a diverse student population, an understanding  of the strengths and needs of a diverse student population, and a dedication to equity and excellence for all students. The program takes an approach to teaching and learning that is sensitive to community, family and political context of education. Which points to the need and development of learners, and ground the study of subject stuff that enables critical thinking, problem-solving and high academic achievement.

STEP seeks to compose and support teacher leaders working with diverse learner’s to achieve high intellectual, social standard and academic by creating an equitable and successful schools and classrooms. Desired result for graduates includes an understanding of teaching an as intellectual work and caring as a profession; a collection of powerful pedagogical practices and a depth of content knowledge with a view of teaching and also the role of education in society well informed by an appreciation of the society culture contexts of education. The content and design of the program are arranged to foster an understanding and commitment to research, reflection and inquiry in the classroom; institution and communities. A blending of theory and practice with effective use of technology as a learning and teaching tool.

The Stanford’s STEP is a nationally renowned 12 month full-time program developing future teachers leaders by elementary and secondary education levels. It integrates a high quality academic program with a well-supported and yearlong classroom placement.

STEP Elementary and Secondary education levels consist of 12 month full time program leading to the Master of Arts in Education and a preliminary California Multiple subject teaching credential. It is recognized with the integration of the many regions of knowledge that comes with an effective teaching and provides multiple opportunities for planning, observing and practicing diverse pedagogical approaches in specific clinical contexts.

The primary aim of STEP is to prepare program graduates to meet both the practical and intellectual challenges of the teaching profession, to meet the needs of the diverse population of today’s students. Which help the profession and the field by preparing educational leaders for tomorrow’s schools.

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