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STARS International University

Education assists one in acquiring and exploring new ideas. It is the medium through which an individual learns the skills, techniques, information, and knowledge one needs to know, understand, and respect the responsibilities of society, families and nations. The value of education in life allows everyone to develop a positive outlook on the world and the community.

The modern, developed, and industrialized world revolves around education. Education lights the way to survive in today’s competitive world. With the same mindset, Uzbekistan aspires to maximize intellectual potential and promote education as a national social priority. Therefore, STARS International University is paving its way on the path of the Rector, Mr. Bahram Gurbanov, to deliver premium educational services in the country.

Mr. Gurbanov is frequently seen on campus engaging in friendly conversations with students and always providing valuable advice. His perfectionism and high level of empathy make him an elder brother to everyone around him and those seeking any help. He is a great inspirer and thinker, caring for and creating a one-of-a-kind experience and environment for all students and team members.

Mr. Gurbanov is a professional athlete and cross-fit trainer who believes in healthy and active learning experiences for all students. As a result, physical culture discipline was made mandatory to complete and run by professional trainers in state elite-class sports bases.

Mr. Bahram Gurbanov is also the Founder and CEO of GRBS Global, an international education and examination provider with offices in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. For over 20 years, he has been influential in GRBS Global’s consistent success in the field of international education, including highly demanded and globally recognized qualifications, MBA training and certifying examinations.

The Birth of the Star and Greatest Heritage

STARS International University is a premium class provider of higher education, academic levels, and global certifications and is one of the fastest-growing international universities in Central Asia, based in the city of Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Founded in 2021, STARS International University admissions for the first academic year of the ‘BSc Accounting & Audit’ Degree Program brought nearly 1,000 students in both national and international streams.

For overall comfort, there are the latest smart technologies, as well as additional power generator units, water and gas reserve tanks, are available at the university. To maintain the quality of education, the student volume per cohort does not exceed 35 people.

Mission. Values. Goals.


  • Unlocking the potential of hidden opportunities and supporting the individual
  • Providing high demanding skills and knowledge.


STARS International University relies on the values and principles that characterize the vision and attitude towards the services provided. There are eight core values that determine the functioning of the university and are an integral part of the quality policy.

  • Openness
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • Gratitude
  • Mercy
  • Privacy
  • Devotion


  • STARS International University’s primary goal is to help every student in obtaining a quality education.
  • Delivering globally demanded high-quality education based on international standards.
  • Everyone is important, and this is the principal value university holds.

The additional goals include:

  • Prepare students so that they are able to pass the exam on the first attempt.
  • Create conditions for continuous learning and improvement of lecturers.
  • Enhance the quality of internal communication between students and the university administration, as well as between students and lecturers.
  • Environment Safety & Security – for both students and the administration and lecturer staff.
  • Incentives for every member of its learning community who proposes innovations or contributes to the development of any innovation.


The university strives to consistently provide services that meet students’ needs and comply with applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as international standards. Its employees are high-level professionals. The personal responsibility of each employee for their work is a criterion for quality services.

Reliable and timely data from all stages of the technological cycle of works guarantee reliable control over their implementation.

The university also applies a systematic approach to management to constantly improve the quality of the services provided and uses modern technologies in work.

All staff members and lecturers have been trained and certified according to ISO 9001 international standards in the quality management system and share the principles of the system, hence are involved in the process of its functioning, clearly understand the goals of their work, see the result, and can influence it. The opinion of each employee is taken into account in the work of the quality system.

“We strive to become a leader in the quality of educational services,” says the management.

Significant Contributions

Developing future professionals in International Finances is a significant contribution as it requires great efforts to obtain governmental approval for the unique curriculum presented by the university.

STARS International University is the first and exclusive rights owner of the official translation into the Uzbek language of 10 ACCA qualification disciplines, thanks to a long-standing collaboration and trilateral agreement with ACCA and the largest UK-based platinum publisher of study materials – BPP Learning Media.

By focusing on providing the best education possible today, the BSc Accounting & Audit programme curriculum has been validated and recognized by the UK Enic, hence making STARS Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to a UK BSc Degree, whereas ACCA offers nine exemptions from exams for STARS graduates.

The curriculum includes globally recognized courses with final certification, such as SAP (Germany) and Microsoft Office (US). In addition, subjects like Fraud Examination and Cyber Security in the curriculum are allowing students to be globally recognized and qualified in a rapidly changing and digitizing world.

Supportive Government

The university has faced certain challenges while establishing the university. But it is astonishing and fortunate that the state and regulatory bodies have accepted the application despite the unique curriculum. State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan granted a license after successful application.

Initiatives for Holistic Career

STARS International University has been designated as a Microsoft Authorized Testing Venue, providing preparation courses within the curriculum for students and other candidates, as well as allowing them to pass their official Microsoft office exams at the campus. Global Career Centre’s launch will be initiated in 2023. This was meant to engage the local and internationally approved employers in the field of banks, audit, and insurance companies to help with part-time and full-time internships for the students and graduates.

The future vision of STARS International University is to launch new BSc and MSc programs and dual degrees with the top universities in the world, of which few are:

  • Jurisprudence/Local Law
  • International Law
  • International Business
  • Sports Management
  • Information Technologies
  • Nano Technologies
  • Fashion & Design
  • Hospitality & Tourism

Future Envision

Apart from expanding within the country, by 2033, STARS International University’s regional full-scale functioning network will cover six Turkic countries (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Turkiye), as well as be the leader among all functioning universities in the Republic of Uzbekistan in terms of the volume of actual students.

Further on, upon reaching the students’ volume of 50k, the university will launch its campus overseas, in Canada or the United States. The ultimate goal of STARS International University is to launch the first educational cluster on Mars following its successful colonization.

Significant Achievements and Recognitions

STARS International University is a Member of the Following Organizations:

ECCTIS (UK ENIC & UK Visas and Nationality Service & UK CPQ)

STARS International University is the first university in Uzbekistan to be a member of the British national agency ECCTIS, indicating an innovative approach and attitude toward the quality of education provided, as well as global recognition.

SAP University Alliances

In collaboration with the university competence centre, STARS International University is a licensed SAP partner for academic research and teaching, as well as a member of the SAP University Alliances.

IFLA – International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

STARS International University is Uzbekistan’s only university to join the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – IFLA, a non-governmental international organization comprised of libraries, national library organizations, and information services. It has over 1600 members from 150 countries around the world in total.

AUAP – Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific

STARS International University joined the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific. The university intends to become an ideal platform for the exchange of best practices in education with other member universities, participate in the exchange of students and employees, attend scientific forums, organize international student sports and cultural events and collaborate with industrial academies for internships.

College Board 

One of the oldest U.S.-based educational organizations in developing standardized examinations in the admissions process, such as SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), which will be delivered in Uzbekistan in partnership with STARS International University.

Trade Union Council of Uzbekistan

The Trade Union of Uzbekistan represents all STARS International University students and staff. As a result, it became possible to enjoy privileges in the Union’s range of offers and services.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Uzbekistan

STARS International University is a member of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Currently, a deliberate, well-thought-out policy is being pursued, with the primary goal of creating a class of owners and the most favourable conditions for the effective and dynamic development of the private sector, which is the driving force of any market economy.

Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan

STARS International University is a member of the Association of Cooks of Uzbekistan, which expands the possibilities for quality control of services in the upcoming launch of Express-24, a delivery service of various cuisines and types of food from the Kitchen by the STARS brand. An expert team of professionals is preparing the project implementation throughout the city of Tashkent.

British National School Curriculum

In collaboration with a UK Awarding Body – NCC Education and the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the British National School Curriculum in Computer Literacy and Information Technologies – Level 2 Award in Computing (DIGI) is exclusively offered across the country by STARS International University. The unique school program offers an equivalent to the IGCSE certificate and includes TOEFL and SAT official exams and certification.

Features Making Learning Accessible

STARS International University is investing in the development of scientific activities of students and young scientists, being inspired by the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. DP-6097 dated Oct-29, 2020, “On approval of the Concept of Science Development until 2030” and No. DP-4611 dated Feb-24, 2020, “On additional measures for the transition to international financial reporting standards.

December 15-16, 2022, the university organized a large-scale Annual International University Conference at the Hilton Tashkent City hotel for more than 1,200 students and young scientists and over 300 professionals and academics, representing world organizations from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation etc., on the topics: “Modern Trends of Innovative Development of Science and Education in the Global World” and “New Uzbekistan: International Successful Experience in Implementing International Financial Reporting Standards.

Nearly 400 scientific articles were sorted by an expert group of editors in collaboration with the scientific board of the university and received DOI indexing; subsequently, the articles were published in the conference proceedings with ISBN number, sponsored by STARS International University.

For maximum involvement and activity of participants, the conference was accompanied by intellectual discussions and contests with material rewards, followed by a rich coffee break with hot meals, and finally, a mega-star of Uzbek pop stage – Sevara Nazarkhan, gave a musical performance. Each participant of the conference received a VIP gift brand kit from STARS International University.

STARS International University offers its Premium Class Hostel located in the heart of Tashkent city for regional and international students, as well as students of all the state, non-state, and international higher education institutions.

Students Hostel has the following amenities:

  • Lounge area + PlayStation 5
  • Personal Smart TV + more than 3000 channels, more than 2000 movies (personal headphones)
  • Free WI-FI, speed of 500 mb/s
  • Personal shelves – 2 pieces
  • Personal electronic key
  • Modern restrooms
  • Modern separate washrooms
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Washing machines
  • Power generator
  • Prayer’s room
  • Besides, students’ clothes and linens are washed and ironed by Hostel Laundry Service absolutely for FREE!
  • Video surveillance and fire protection systems are installed for the safety of tenants and their personal property.
  • The Hostel is located in 250 meters from the university campus and all the public transport

Professional Sports Base

Along with new undergraduate programs that will be launched in the next academic year, the 52309000 – BSc in Accounting & Audit curriculum consists of compulsory discipline of physical culture.

Close by the institution campus, we have created excellent conditions for sports activities in the best complex in the capital. The professional sports base includes facilities for swimming pools, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, martial arts and gyms.

Global Quality Management Systems Certified

According to the successfully implemented reforms and initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2023 has been proclaimed the Year of Human Care and Quality Education. Contributing to the improvement of quality of education in Uzbekistan, STARS International University has successfully passed the annual compliance audit and was awarded certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI, UK), supplemented by accreditation from the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB, US).

The British Standards Institution began its activity in 1901 and today is the most influential accreditation body in the world, as well as the largest global provider of standards covering all STARS International University has a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 international standard in the following areas:

“Providing educational services leading to the bachelor’s degrees, academic levels L2AC, L31FDHES and global certification programs.”

In the nearest future, STARS International University intends to obtain additional certification for a number of other international standards, such as, for example, ISO 37001 – Anti-Bribery Management System.

SAP ERPSim Game Student Friendly Competition 2023

In partnership with the SAP University Alliances, a team of STARS International University students (freshmen and sophomores) took part in the next and final qualifying round of the SAP ERPSim Game Student Friendly Competition 2023.

Along with Uzbekistan, students from the universities of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan took part in the regional competition. The STARS International University team confidently marked the championship in three of the four rounds of business simulation among 9 participating universities and took an honorable 2nd place.

Top 3 teams were selected for the final global tournament, which was held on June 15, 2023 in Canada, Montreal. Students of STARS International University team competed with universities in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Chile, Mexico, Morocco, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and finished in 13th place, by overtaking the other 2 regional universities and bringing Uzbekistan and the region to the top.

We are so proud of our students represented Uzbekistan on the world student arena. They did their best and it was highlighted by the competition organizers, during the SAP Discovery Day in Tashkent, where the team was invited and presented with SAP certificates for outstanding results and winning in the regional qualifying round. This is just a beginning in encouraging students of STARS International University to achieve the best results in such global events.

Catalogue of ACCA Study Materials in Uzbek Language

In cooperation with the official publisher of ACCA study materials, STARS International University offers you exclusive study materials in Uzbek for nine subjects of the ACCA core qualification, from BT to FM, as well as the ACCA DipIFR international qualification.

Business and Technology (BT)

Effective business management by understanding the current business environment and its impact on organizational performance.

Workbook – 394 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 308 pages

Management Accounting (MA)

Preparation and processing of basic quantitative data that can be used to support decision-making processes at the management level.

Workbook – 501 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 405 pages

Financial Accounting (FA)

Develop technical expertise in double-entry accounting, which is the basis for the preparation and interpretation of all major financial statements.

Workbook – 577 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 378 pages

Corporate and Business Law (LW)

Broader understanding of the legal framework by introducing specific legal issues related to business.

Workbook-353 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 240 pages

Performance Management (PM)

Develop knowledge and skills in the application of quantitative and qualitative management accounting data to enable planning, decision making, performance appraisal and monitor.

Workbook – 465 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 441 pages

Taxation (TX)

Provide detailed information about the business tax system and how it affects individuals and companies.

Workbook-510 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 514 pages

Financial Reporting (FR)

Development of skills that help to create reports based on financial data and analyze them.

Workbook-544 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 380 pages

Audit and Assurance (AA)

Explain the functions of auditing and corporate governance, including professional ethics and code of conduct requirements in audit.

Workbook-442 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 457 pages

Financial Management (FM)

Teaching financial managers how to use their knowledge and experience to make investment, financing, dividend and other decisions.

Workbook-370 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 355 pages

Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DIPIFR)

Complementing existing knowledge and skills in accounting by providing an understanding of several areas of accounting

Workbook-547 pages

Practice and Revision kit – 242 pages.

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