Steamboat schools use a survey to evaluate community engagement over a four-day week

Steamboat Springs School District recently distributed a survey to gauge community interest in investigating the possibility of a four-day school week. The results are anticipated to review at the Steamboat Springs Board of Education meeting on 10th April.

An Overview

First-grade teacher Kim Waldschmidt, who has been with the district since 2001 and serves as the president of the Steamboat Springs Education Association, brought the idea to the attention of the school board at a coffee with the board event, which board members hold to gather community feedback on a variety of topics.

Henwood pointed out that a district must apply for a four-day school week, a school calendar, bell schedules, and, like every other five-day school, a total of instructional hours to make this change.

Districts must have longer school days to meet the requirement of instructional minutes with a four-day schedule. Waldschmidt said the expansion of the day would particularly help primary school instructors.

End Note

Albeit the four-day week would give understudies a more limited week, it wouldn’t be guaranteed to provide teachers and staff a more limited week. According to Waldschimdit, teachers would probably be required to work one to two monthly Fridays.

A survey of a similar nature was distributed to the Steamboat Springs Education Association, which is essentially a teacher’s union. Seventy percent of the 97 members who responded to the survey supported further investigation.

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