Storytime Preschool Bangkok: Developing Life-long Love of Learning
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“We aim to instill in our children the basis for a life-long love of learning and the self-confidence to explore new concepts, situations, and experiences.

Overall development of a child is important and pre-school plays an important role in developing a child physical, mental and social growth. Storytime Preschool is one of those pre-school which is providing a warm, happy, stimulating and challenging environment fostering child development through fun learning activities.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand the curriculum and programs of the school is designed to include motivating and challenging activities and learning situations which stimulate the development of early physical, social skills with a focus on creative play. Hence the motto of the school is “When We Play, We Learn”. Storytime Preschool focuses on creating a safe, loving, nurturing and happy environment, which allows children to blossom to their full potential.

The school boasts a large secure garden area, pretty rare for a school so centrally located. The outdoor area is the focal point of much of the children’s daily activities. Previously the school is known by Ploenchit International Kindergarten (PIK), which was founded in 2003. PIK operated for ten years at Soi Ruam Rudee. In 2012, PIK was rebranded into Storytime Preschool and moved locations to Sukhumvit Soi 4. For over a decade now, the name is synonymous with quality childcare and child development among local and expat communities in Bangkok. Storytime Preschool was founded by Simran Rajkitkul, a Malaysian expat who has lived in Bangkok for over thirty years.

An Erudite Leader

Ms. Lily is the principal of the school who has been overseeing the school’s quality and growth since 2013. Ms. Lily is a wonderful administrator with qualification and experience of running international Preschool for the past 22 years. She is responsible for setting the educational standards and goals and helps establish policies and procedures. Her role as a Principal has greatly contributed to the success of Storytime Preschool.

Exceptional Facilities

Storytime Preschool accepts toddlers from the age of 18 months to 6 years old. Every class is fully furnished and equipped to meet the needs of each specific age group. Half Day and Full Day attendance is available and the school run on a three terms a year basis. The school has installed chilled purified water pipelines in the garden. A shuttle is also provided complimentary for all parents and students to and fro at Nana BTS.

All teachers here are qualified with years’ experience at International Schools around the world. The school follows the American Curriculum & IB Approach and the teachers have the space to improvise for the specific group as they see fit. The school also serves two meals a day and the menus change daily. The school ensures they provide the children with a well-balanced diet including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. The school carefully record the special needs of each individual child, whether they have food allergies or require special diets.

Life beyond the Classrooms

A selection of extra activities is offered after naptime to further enrich each child’s school experience. This includes Piano Lessons, Soccer, Yoga and Thai Cultural Class. The school also provides After School Care for working parents with a carefully planned timetable and meals until 6 pm.

The school love thematic lesson plans and always relate it to daily life. This method not only draws the students in, but also helps build their confidence. Students also love role-play and themes based on a range of exciting subjects, which they incorporate it into syllabus. For Science, experiments are a must! The study of Math usually takes place outside the class in the garden. Needless to say, reading is heavily encouraged and they host Book Weeks where parents and older students read to the kids. After a long week, Fridays are usually “Fun & Free” where kids interact through various activities with students of different classes. Here when children feel free to express themselves, they make learning fun, always!

An Environment which Foster Learning

Storytime celebrates different festivals with the community. Here each class works together to put on a performance and learn valuable skills such as teamwork, confidence, and patience. The school also celebrates the end of the academic year by holding a Graduation Ceremony for their outgoing students from KG 3 Class.

Besides the regular schedule, the school also offers two camps every summer in July and August. This is opened to both their students and to outsiders. The activities are designed to keep students’ minds engaged and to make sure they stay productive during the holidays. Before their summer is over, each student receives an “Achievement Certificate” at their farewell party.

Storytime also holds weekly playgroups with experienced teachers who prepare various themes and resources for activities both in and outdoors. Besides this, BAMBI (Bangkok Mothers & Babies International) join hands with Storytime on a monthly basis inviting experts from various companies to engage the children on Saturday mornings.

Life after School

The school truly believes the involvement of parents on every step of the way is extremely important. In fact, they feel that the more parents are involved, the better the child performs at school Because of this, they give out lots of information to parents regarding the children’s’ daily activities, development and progress. The teachers sent home a ‘My Day Book’ for each child and the school sends out a bi-weekly newsletter of what their child has participated in and also for upcoming activities and menus. In addition to this, the school also holds Parent Teacher’s Days where cards are distributed and performances are discussed.

Storytime Preschool has been featured in The Bangkok Post, various BAMBI Magazines, as well as Expat Ladies Magazines and they hold many good testimonials from happy and satisfied parents. The school fees are very reasonable when compared to most of the international kindergartens in town. This makes Storytime already very accessible. Upon graduation, the students easily enter top international schools around Thailand, Asia and the world. Since most of the parents are expats, Storytime consists of students from all nationalities. When these students return to their home countries, they easily get enrolled into other respective programs.

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