Students becoming Friends with Mother Earth
Students becoming Friends with Mother Earth | Educational Blog [ Educational Magazine

Clean India Green India, as it is said is an excellent initiative to bring forth how necessary cleanliness is for us and the nature. Breathing in a green and clean environment is essential for the nourishment of the body and soul. Teaching the kids this from a young age will imbibe qualities of loving and caring for their planet Earth.

With effective movement regarding cleanliness and planting trees, schools are training students with subjects that are boosting environment friendly measures. These actions are teaching and preparing students for a better tomorrow and helping them understand the importance of having a clean and green environment. With the help of organic methods, the real and natural processes of planting and growing trees are becoming a must of the surroundings.

With such actions, the students are learning to make their own gardens and grow their fruits and vegetables. This way/ As such, they are sowing the seeds that will grow into potential plants in the course of time. Understanding how the environment with its beauty, simplicity, and greenness is helping us grow into better individuals, the students are becoming friends with the nature.

Living in a clean and green environment is essential for children. It further sets their current mood and exposes them to/ gives them plenty of energy sources like fresh clean air for breathing, the vitamin required from the sun and overall the pleasant and soothing environment to live a happy and healthy life.

Often living in such a tech enabled world, students spend their leisure time/ replace their play time with playing games on tablet, which is acceptable to an extent, but cannot be substituted by playing in the parks. Hence, parents as well as schools should consider the environmental subjects to bestow the students with the much-needed outside play time.

This way, the overall development of the student is maintained and also by one student setting an example by enthralling into such activities, others tend to follow. Many a times, kids don’t listen to the advice given by the parents, but when they see their parents or elders doing good deeds, they follow their actions. In this manner, the kids and their parents come together to learn more about each other.
The parents can take the kids to farms and villages, where they can learn about the goodness of eating local nutritious food and learn from the farmers or farm keepers how to grow healthy vegetables and fruits. Considerably, the schools can also conduct workshops, seminars, and field visits, where the students indulge themselves into play and learning.

The Clean India Green India movement is a hit and with today’s kids who will be tomorrow’s adults inculcating these habits and values, we can surely look for a better greener Mother Earth.

-Apurwa Bhosale

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