Students Can Prosper and Grow in Durham
Students Can Prosper and Grow in Durham

North Carolina is a beautiful and interesting state that has a little bit of everything for everyone. From beautiful mountains, plains that seem to stretch on forever, and a beach with outer islands that are just more beachfront property: this state could be a paradise for anyone.

This is doubly true if you’re a student wanting to start your adult life! Durham is the place to be, a good mix of affordable and incredible, and a cultural hub for anyone who wants a fresh start. Here’s why students flock to Durham.

Affordable Housing

Although Durham housing is listed as more expensive than the national average, that’s only because of the wealthier parts of the city. Apartments in Durham, NC, are incredibly affordable and extremely flexible in space and amenities. In addition, you can make your money stretch even further by moving in with a roommate and splitting your bills. This gives you a chance to gain your footing in the area without having to worry about overspending or having to take care of an entire apartment on your own.

Groceries and Eating Out Is Cheaper

Not only is rent cheaper, but you can buy groceries and go out to eat for far less money as well. The lower cost of groceries and food allows you to eat out more often or buy more food so that you can cook for yourself. These are great experiences for college students and will help expand your taste and interest in different cultures’ dishes.

There’s More Fun Inexpensive Entertainment

Durham’s main form of entertainment may be sporting since Duke University’s basketball team is known worldwide, but it’s also a great place to enjoy theater and art!  If sports and art don’t interest you, then you’ll love the bar and club scene that allows for locals to cut loose and party the moment the sun goes down. On the other hand, if you’re not sure what you’d have the most fun doing, then Durham is perfect for you because you can try all of them! So why not enjoy getting to know a great city while you get to know yourself?

Just Three Hours to The Beach

Although mountain views are incredible and fun: Durham is only three hours to the beach! North Carolina’s beaches are calm, with glassy gray-blue waters that don’t peak high enough for surfing but can let loose a gnarly rip tide that can pull you off your feet.  The gorgeous white sand makes these the type of beaches that people dream of for vacation: and it’s only three hours from Durham. Along the way, you can enjoy rural North Carolina sprinkled through with the occasional city. This is a trip you’ll want to make almost every weekend in the summer.

Enjoying All Four Seasons

Speaking of summer, Durham offers a taste of every season out there. Winters in Durham give a taste of snow with crisp cold air, and the summers are warm and thick like every other city in the south. Spring is a relief from the bitter cold, and fall is beautiful, cloaked in golds and reds from the changing leaves. Every season in Durham is breathtaking; you won’t want to look away.

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