Students of Chilean Adventist Education Spread Hope in Argentina
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Over thirty students from ten different schools took part in Mission Trip Argentina, where they conducted social work and evangelistic activities.

For ten days, the team of Seventh-day Adventists from the Central South Chile Conference (ACSCh) journeyed to Misiones, Argentina, to carry out the mission and spread the love of Christ. Thirteen students, principals, and school chaplains made up the delegation, which was representative of ten Adventist schools in the region. The Mario Veloso Oses Foundation (FEMVO) team also took part in it.

The coordinator of SEA (marketing and scholarships in the field of education) in the aforementioned regions, Pastor Hugo Gómez, director of Adventist Volunteer Service in Chile, and Carolina Gavilán, advisor to the Education Department in the Ñuble and Biobío regions, were among the organizers of the event. EADMA, CAL, CADHU, EALA, CADECH, CATCE, EADEC, CADET, CACH, CATCE, and the EAQ were the schools who sent delegates.

Together with the educational institution that hosted them in the trans-Andean nation, Instituto Superior Adventista de Misiones (ISAM), the students performed volunteer work in Misiones.

The missionary interventions included visiting and helping the Guarani communities (the local indigenous population), doing repairs, painting, and decorative work inside the institute, as well as conducting an evangelistic program at the institute’s church.

The pupils also visited an orphanage, where they made connections with people from different worlds and developed a profound appreciation for the gifts of God. In order to allow the ISAM staff and students to bond and share, there were additional breaks in between events for the FEMVO representative group.

In addition, the delegation took part in training sessions and a half-week of prayer, during which Pastor Hugo Gómez spoke on the following three main points of focus: the messages of the three angels, the effectiveness of the mission, and the differentiated mission.

In expressing his appreciation for the project, Pastor Gómez said, “These activities not only enriched their experience but also strengthened their commitment to the mission and left a significant mark on the community.”

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