Students of JBCN International School Offered Scholarships in Excess of 2.5 Million USD
JBCN International

Mumbai, April, 2022: The JBCN International Schools’ graduating students from the 2021-22 IBDP and A levels batch have received a record number of scholarships worth USD 2.5 million. The total scholarship amount is expected to grow further as more learners secure university placement in the coming days.

Along with the impressive scholarships, the JBCN students have also excelled in quality University placements across the world. So far, the students have received placement offers from prestigious universities in the USA such as the University of California (Berkeley), the University of California, (Los Angeles), Boston University and UMASS (Amherst), in the UK such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London and University College London, The University of Toronto in Canada to name a few. Previously, a learner of JBCN had also received a record of 33 acceptances from universities abroad.

JBCN International Schools have the finest counselling experts in school with years of experience to guide learners through each step of the University application process, right from career guidance to college applications. The Career Counsellors work closely with the learners from Grade 8; they encourage learners to think and start planning their future. The learners’ strengths, areas of development and interests are assessed through psychometric tests, workshops, and continuous interactions with the Careers Counsellors. JBCN has also been recognized as number one in Career Counselling Services in India by Education World in an independent survey conducted last year.

Commenting on the achievement, Kunal Dalal, Managing Director, JBCN Education, said, “Delivering stellar results is a matter of immense pride for us. At JBCN, we always aim for excellence, be it in Academics, Sports or Performing Arts. We strive to provide quality education to learners from diverse backgrounds to develop global citizens, future leaders, and problem solvers. I want to congratulate all the recipients and their facilitators on their hard work. This inflow of scholarships and placements is testament to JBCN’s educational philosophy and expert faculty.”

JBCN Education has been a pioneer in Indian education for over three decades, managing 14 educational institutes at pre-school, national and international schooling levels with curricula such as International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).

JBCN International School offers unique EduCreative experiences that nurture and stimulate each child’s innate talents, strengths and skills through its ‘mind-body-soul’ program. The school inculcates lifelong learning by combining learning with critical thinking to enable learners to apply their knowledge in practical situations.

Founded by veteran educator Mrs Pinky Dalal, JBCN is one of the first progressive schools in India that emphasizes the need for learning beyond the classroom. JBCN International School has featured in the top ten rankings of the 2021-22 edition of EducationWorld’s nationwide school survey and Times school survey.

About JBCN Education 

Mumbai-based JBCN Education has been a pioneering organization in the field of education for over three decades, having built a strong presence in the school segment through the management of 14 educational institutes, including pre-schools and national and international high schools, which have adopted an unparalleled curriculum across all levels.

JBCN Education has a network of four International Schools in Mumbai which adopt a range of curricula viz the IB (PYP (Candidate) and Authorized DP), CAIE (CIPP, IGCSE, A levels) & ICSE, implemented through a unique EduCreative method of learning which is a cornerstone for lifelong learning.

Powered by a dynamic team, driven by a strong vision, and incorporating the latest educational research practiced globally, JBCN Education has emerged as one of the finest International Schools in Mumbai.

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