Sunil Wanjare: Guiding Students to Reach their Potential
Sunil Wanjare
Sunil Wanjare | Chief Mentor | Crystal Classes

The influencer we present understands the core fundamentals of teaching. He is thoroughly versed in the world of management and started out locally before venturing out in the big league. Let’s see how Sunil Wanjare, Chief Mentor of Crystal Classes, altered the traditional norms of education, and assisted students to transform their dreams into reality.

Please introduce yourself and your journey as a qualified professor of Accounting, Costing & Taxation.

Hello readers, I am Sunil Wanjare, an and MBA graduate with 20 years of work experience in diverse industries such as IT, Manufacturing, NBFC, Logistics, Health Research Projects, Infrastructure, Construction, and Dairy.

I have served all departments, including Accounts, Marketing, Secretarial, HR & Admin, and Purchase. My career has stretched across Board Meetings, (Directors Rahul Bajaj, Atul Kirloskar), AGM, EOGM, IPO, FDI approvals from RBI, approvals for Clinical Trials from the health ministry, drawing up and execution of various legal documents, formulating and monitoring budgets.

On the personal front, I commenced as a freelancer, teaching my family & friends. I enrolled in two different spoken English learning centers, which were near my locality. As such, students from around communities sought advice about their education.

Many scholars were seeking career guidance and the mantra for acquiring life skills. I started providing counseling and advising them about different options for students after their SSC & HSC exams. These students requested me to teach commerce subjects as well.

I assured students about my continual support until the completion of their graduation. Hence, I dedicated my time to them and used to allocate my weekly holiday evenings to these students. Not to mention, numerous times, I answered it via the telephone.

Tell us more about Crystal Classes and how you have helped students in attaining excellence in the subjects. Also, brief us about the inception story behind Crystal Classes.

I started Crystal parallelly while working. I was interviewing candidates for accounts and office staff positions. And to my dismay, these students lacked the necessary employability skills. They were blank about the corporate culture, and the knowledge for any job.

I noticed that they lacked guidance about the working culture, nurturing the necessary skills desired for their first job. This strengthened my need to counsel students during their last year’s graduation. I approached the most prominent educational institution with over 3000 students to conduct sessions on CV writings, career guidance and opting to add-on courses.

I discovered the Rotary Club as another platform to address this social responsibility. As Director of youth with a Rotary portfolio, I conducted sessions on Entrepreneurship development, communication, etc. There itself, I commenced my classes.

Kindly share some proud moments associated with Crystal Classes.

Crystal Classes is the first institute in full Pune District to initiate start spoken English and scholarship programs. We coach about 1700+ students of different mediums Hindi, English, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil, and Telegu in 13 different locations in the Dehu Road Cantonment area. We have been working out the same for four years now and are content that one student cracked the scholarship exam at the state level.

And not a time ago, many students started practicing as freelancers with Crystal. Few graduates crossed the barriers of serving in small enterprises and are now running with MNC’s. We are proud of our crystal students performing at splendid positions, delivering their best with no hindrances.

According to you, what are the qualities an Accounting teacher must possess in order to instill quality education in students?

The first requirement for any accounting teacher must be that he/she has working experience. Teachers must read Annual Reports of listed companies. A teacher must try to establish the relations of different variables in the final accounts.

Coaching is a goal-focused or solution-focused approach, so the ability to bring out clear, well-defined, and emotionally engaging goals from a teacher is one of the most critical skills for a teacher to possess. Like many aspects of coaching, there are both formal and informal versions of this skill.

Coaching, coupled with self-study, is better than only self-study or studying only in coaching classes. Deciding on what’s better, coaching or self-study rests a lot on the teacher’s preparation level.

As an entrepreneur and trainer, what challenges have you faced while building up your organization is the education domain?

For me, sustainability without advertisement cost was the biggest challenge. It was difficult to persuade students to learn with goal alignments. Students want to grasp the syllabus and not the knowledge for employability.

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