Sup de Luxe: For those with a passion for luxury

School for luxury? Yes, that is exactly what it is – training students interested in the luxury business and related fields, making them industry-ready in the creative world of luxury. Sup de Luxe located in Paris, France, boasts of students from all nationalities who are studying to become luxury brand management experts.

Inception, Vision and Mission

Founded by Cartier in 1990, under the name Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe, Sup de Luxe is the reference school for luxury. A Cartier Chair for 30 years, the school welcomes 500 students from all over the world every year and counts 3500 graduates of all nationalities.

Ranked number one in training courses preparing for the luxury industry and luxury management, its programmes are references in France and abroad. From Bachelor’s degrees to MBAs, and the diplomas are all recognized by the State.

Sup de Luxe was created by professionals in the sector and has always been dedicated to training young creative managers with a passion for luxury, by providing them with general knowledge and knowledge of the field.

Its main objective is to establish a pool of young managers for all business lines in the sector, in close contact with the brands.

The right choice for students

Almost all Sup de Luxe employees are professionals in the sector, working in major brands and luxury houses. Proximity to the professional world has made Sup de Luxe’s success for 30 years. Every year students complete internships and case studies in order to become more professional and to be ready to enter the sector as soon as they graduate.

“So, are you ready to start your career in the luxury industry?”

Sup de Luxe has always appreciated the diversity of student profiles in order to make it a multicultural school. Any profile can have the chance to join the school, under the conditions of passing the admission tests for each program.

Attractive courses, grand infrastructure

The establishment offers six trainings including four in English and one online, from Bachelor to MBA.

Professionals who wish to specialize in the luxury sector or those who wish to create their own business are also welcome to study in the luxury school.

The Luxury Bachelor is accessible post-baccalaureate and delivers a title recognized by the state RNCP II. The Luxury Bachelor brings the essential knowledge of luxury marketing and prepares for the trades of commerce. Three years of diploma training that can also be the ideal springboard for Sup de Luxe MBAs. There are then three MBAs, all recognized RNCP II by the French government:

  • MBA which has been in existence for 30 years, the MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management (training in French). The first year of this program is divided into six months of classes and six months of internship. The second year is only evening classes so that students can be in an internship or company during the day.
  • MBA Fashion & Luxury Business (labeled MSc by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) The strong linkage between Sup de Luxe and the corporate community is to ensure a perfect fusion of management, art, craftsmanship, and science, which is the essence of fashion.

This program opened this year and is already in high demand.

  • MBA Wine, Spirits & “Art de Vivre” Management. This program’s objective is to train and prepare specialized managers, strengthening their sensitivity and competences in the wine, spirits and Art de Vivre industries.

The MBA Global Luxury Brand Management, a diploma recognized MSc by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, is a global program that provides training in management professions and is a source of versatile profiles for the different luxury sectors.

All these programs are located on a modern multi-school campus of 8000 square meters with bright, friendly, dynamic and connected spaces.

And recently, the Online MBA was launched, which allows students to train remotely over a period of one year. This program is aimed at managers, professionals and executives in the luxury sector who wish to acquire a new vision of management oriented to the digital environment of business.

Holistic growth of students

At Sup de luxe, pedagogical innovation and immersion in the sector are the key to the success of its students. Every year, companies come to present the different professions, and top managers come to present their career paths during the Grands témoins conferences. Every year they also have group projects and case studies to immerse themselves in the professional world and how it works.

Accolades and accreditations

All the diplomas of the school are recognized by the state, level I for the MBAs and Level II for the Bachelor.

The Global MBA and the Fashion MBA are both accredited Master of Science by the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”.

Also the school is ranked for its Bachelor and historic MBA on some French platforms such as and

Person Behind the Success of the Luxury School

Thibaut de La Rivière, Director of Sup de Luxe since its creation, holds a master’s degree in museology from the Ecole du Louvre and a master’s and doctorate from the University of Assas.

For 30 years, he has maintained special relationships with the directors of the brands and houses which has helped the institute flourish and the students get hands-on knowledge about the field, making them successful luxury brand managers.

The President of the school is Michel Guten, former CEO of Cartier and Lancel and current Vice President of the Champs.

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