Supriti Chauhan- A Creative Leader Turning Challenges into Success Stories

Education should enable students to learn, evolve, and enhance their skills. The leading educational institutions provide excellent educational and infrastructural facilities to every student, so that they can expand their learning horizon and become better versions of themselves. However, without proper administration, it becomes extremely difficult for any educational institution to deliver their best and perform efficiently.

The smooth functioning of any school requires the dedicated efforts of an able and seasoned principal, who guides everyone with their knowledge and wisdom. They nurture the students effectively, while provide ample scope to the teachers to deliver their very best.

One such noteworthy principal who is changing the landscape of education through her unwavering dedication is Ms Supriti Chauhan, the Principal of Delhi Public School, Gautam Buddh Nagar.

Ms Supriti’s passion and enthusiasm for education leads her to an innovative and dynamic approach towards teaching-learning process and effective leadership. She comes with a diverse background, rich in experience, being an Air Force Officer’s wife, she has worked with some of the finest schools across the country spanning over 22 years of her ‘educator-life’.

Her consistent and creative leadership is exemplary in adopting technology and 21st Century Skills in building strong academic foundations which in turn makes her a determined Educator towards school ‘turn-arounds’ and turning challenges into exemplary success stories.

Seasoned Veteran

Ms Supriti has attained advanced validations for teacher and leadership trainings from IECS, British Council India, and Indian Principal’s Network (IPN).

She has also gained further certifications from NPTEL- IIT Madras, Institute of Psychotherapy and Management Sciences, Global Career Counselling Certification from UCLA, Quality Council of India (NABET)–School Academic and Audit Assessor Certification.

Ms Supriti has been associated with the British Council as a training consultant for the 21st century core skills and British Council School Ambassador since 2013.

Dedicated Spearhead

Ms Supriti’s dedication, skill, work, and life experience enable her to facilitate a wide variety of pedagogical themes, topics, and content in a professional yet personalized style. Experienced in conducting structured training sessions and possessing a range of transferrable skills, she is passionate trainer for inclusive education, 21st century core skills, digital literacy, environmental education, art education, cross-curricula lesson planning, and incorporating sustainable development goals in curriculum. She keeps the skills and values at the core of it all and imbues the same in the existing curriculum framework. Her hobbies include art as a meditative medium, photography, and blogging. She moonlights as a mixed media artist, teaching people to use art as a meditative experience. Ms Supriti enjoys helping people move forward in their career and in their personal lives so that there is an effective work and life balance.

Learner for Life

Ms Supriti calls herself an ardent ‘Learner for Life’. With over 22 years of successful experience, she is a thorough professional dedicated to leading her team members to a greater order of achievements in all spheres of teaching-learning and life.

Apart from the leadership, training, and mentoring trainings, she is extremely passionate about inclusive education and environment consciousness. This nurtures future-ready cognitive learning experiences for teachers/learners undertaking these trainings.

Ms Supriti is a strong promoter of sustainable practices and campaigns that promote work efficiency with a sense of satisfaction and dedication towards the work environment. Armed with an experience of a School Principal and a British Council Training Consultant for the past 6 years, Ms Supriti guides her participants/team towards success while adopting newer strengths and skills along the way.

Her core strengths are training and mentoring. She has reverence for multi-cultural education and diversity, community involvement, and inclusive education to ensure that the bright minds have all the best tools needed to promote integrated technologies and innovations in education.

Supporting Noble Causes

Ms Supriti is a strong supporter of various social initiatives. Some of the various projects that she supports and endorses are as follows:

Championing for Inclusive Education- Under Ms Supriti’s leadership, the school’s Special Education Trainings and the Department ensures that no child is left behind. “We are strong promoters of inclusive learning environment, however when situation demands we adopt integration to facilitate learning and skill development, we do not hesitate to seek external specialist support,” she states.

The Special Education mentors, in conjunction with classroom teachers have a commitment towards creating an effective climate for learning by training not only the homeroom teachers, but also mothers of the SEN children.

Championing for the Environment– Ms Supriti aims at creating sustained awareness and empowering children for pro-environmental action based on their ability to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others in their communities and beyond by thinking globally and acting locally. She supports causes that promote sustainable living. Her motive is to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations through environmentally friendly practises.

Ms Supriti believes that teaching the children about SDG 17 would raise an awareness of various world issues, which in turn would lead children to start thinking in a more holistic way about the effects of their actions on others and on the planet instilling in them a sense of global citizenship.

Accordingly, she encourages them to practice:

  • Conserving and growing on their own
  • Conserving textbooks for reuse
  • Conserving wastepaper for reuse
  • Limiting food wastage

Transformational Leader

As a visionary principal, Ms Supriti would like to see the general education and special education teachers working together more effectively to help special need learners to be truly inclusive and successful. She believes that educators need to get past the territorial perceptions they have about the classroom teaching-learning and collectively strive for what is in the best interest of all the children. Ms Supriti encourages, influences, inspires, and trains teachers to become special educators and counsellors for all their learners.

Recipient of Several Accolades

Ms Supriti has always remained focused on achieving the best academic outcomes through her dedicated endeavours. Her focused and innovative efforts led her to achieve many recognitions and awards. She was awarded for being a pioneering patron of Engage With Science and playing an important role to usher in innovation in STEM Education by Prasar Bharti- Department of Science and Technology – 2021.

Ms Supriti was recognized by IIHM Salutes Teachers for recovering and revitalizing education for the Covid-19 generation – 2021. She was awarded the Gold Club for demonstrating continued excellence throughout the Rotary year 2021.

Furthermore, Ms Supriti received an award for the Profound Guidance & Decisive Leadership leading to BEST ACADEMIC RESULTS in International Level Olympiads from Humming Bird Education Ltd.- 2021.

Ms Supriti received an award for selfless and exemplary contribution towards enabling and driving holistic development amongst school students through participation in National All Rounder Championship Summer 2021 organized by KidEx. She was also one of the Top Six Women Leaders in NCR for Women in Leadership Programme Australia 2020-21.

Perception about Learning

Ms Supriti believes that learning is an instinctive process. If everyone focuses on creating a positive environment and humane relationships, learning will happen automatically. With this belief, she teaches her learners to love, laugh, learn, and to grow beyond their confines. She is focused on helping to create a place, where every individual is respected for his/her very ‘being’.

Advice that Ms Supriti Treasures

Ms Supriti strongly believes in the words- ‘never have any regrets, live in the present’. In her opinion, what one did in the past was what they wanted at the time, and that is what led them to where they are today. “Leave the baggage behind and keep moving forward to keep building your bridges,” she expresses.

The Mantra of Success

Ms Supriti is an ardent believer in the mantra – ‘The brave never live forever but the cautious never live at all.’ She opines that every individual should take chances and explore their own strengths. They should not stop seeking for newer horizons as one is never too old to set another goal or conceive a new dream.

Words for the Young Learners

Addressing the young students, Ms Supriti states, “Never stop being curious; always ask questions; explore and try new things to shine brighter and grow stronger. Life is about discoveries; seek to discover and learn, for learning is the basis for growth and growing is the key to truly living.

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