Swiss School: Exploring New Horizons of Academics
Swiss School

SSiS bears the azure of knowledge and supports students on their way to becoming independent, self-confident and well-balanced individuals. The students at Swiss School experience a Swiss-based, internationally-oriented education that compiles a high standard of social, moral and ethical values.

Swiss School in Singapore (SSiS) is a prestigious Swiss-based, internationally-oriented educational institute, based on a high standard of social, moral and ethical values. Founded by Marie-Therese and Werner Kaufmann-Sialm on 2 May 1967, the school started with eighteen children in kindergarten and ten students in primary classes. The school has now officially been recognized as one of the Swiss government approved school. A dedicated and enthusiastic team of educators at Swiss school delivers a modern curriculum that enables the students to explore new avenues of academics and life skills.

Exceptional Educational and Infrastructural Facilities

The Swiss School is a small, intimate school located in a tropical environment, far away from busy streets and urban influences. It can be described as a small learning oasis waiting to be explored by children, which offers sufficient space for playing and sports while preparing children for life with the highest academic standards. The lessons are conducted in both German and English.

The educators of the Swiss School are very creative, innovative, highly qualified, and flexible. They not only support students’ cognitive skills, but also assist in cultivating their independence, self-confidence, and sense of self-responsibility. The core values such as social responsibility, open communication, respect for others, honesty, and reliability are not just words, but principles they adhere to in life and teaching in Swiss School.

The School follows the curriculum of the Canton of Zug and provides a well-rounded education in German and English. The school is separated into two sections – Early Childhood and Primary. The Little Tots and Playground classes under the Early Childhood section are for the children aged 2 to 4, and are taught in English with an introduction of German language. Its Kindergarten and Primary classes under the Primary section are for children aged 5 onwards and are taught in German with English as a second language. The French language is also introduced in the fifth standard.

Insightful Leader of Swiss School

Markus Pallmann, the Principal of Swiss School in Singapore hails from Thurgau, Switzerland, and brings with him more than twenty years of experience as an educator. He is very passionate about making a change at the Swiss School in Singapore.

One of my major objectives in educational management and teaching is to support self-confidence and individual development in a pleasant, stimulating learning atmosphere. It is important to me to show everyone their value and have an esteemed contact in a stimulating environment with lots of room for experimentation in which a community spirit is awakened and encouraged”, asserts Markus.

Age-mixed Learning Approach—the Unique Approach

Last year, Markus implemented the Age-mixed Learning Approach (AdL), with the committee of the school. Age-mixed learning (AdL) fits ideally into the school strategy and supports the pedagogical development of the school by moving away from one-to-one teaching towards individualised learning, in which the children assume more responsibility for their own learning within the scope of their abilities. In an age-mixed class, the younger children meet their “potential role models”, who help them out with solving their problems and clearing ambiguities. Studies show that well implemented age-mixed learning has no effect on academic performance, but has plenty of advantages in social and personal competence.

The Swiss School in Singapore is definitely one of the firsts, if not only, school in Singapore who has integrated this into its teaching methods.

Career opportunities and Exposures

As the curriculum is offered both in English and German language, the students of Swiss school are at an advantage to get admitted into any school in German-speaking countries. In addition, the school prepares its students for a smooth transition to the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), one of the school’s affiliates, where the students can obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma, allowing them to study at universities worldwide later on in their career.

Accomplished Alumni

Swiss School maintains regular interaction with its alumni. Ursina Kopp-Schweizer is one of its alumni. She was a Primary Student in the year 1982, and is now a Dental Hygienist with more than 14 years of experience. Since 2013, she is back in the Swiss School in Singapore, but, this time as a parent! Her daughter Anna and son Finn are in the Primary 4 and Primary 1 classes respectively.

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