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Swiss School in Singapore

With the rise in globalization, the desire to understand people and their culture has increased along with the rate of migration. Adjusting to totally different cultures post migration becomes difficult, especially for young children, as the surrounding plays an important part in the comfort and development of the child.

In the absence of these factors, children usually face issues related to adjustment. The major issue is created when children are not able to find comfortable schooling surroundings. As most of the time of children is spent in school, it is of great significance to have a proper environment for the development of the child.

Solving this problem, many international institutions have put in the effort to create such surroundings for the better development of young minds. One of such institutions standing since 1967 is the Swiss School in Singapore.

The Story: Swiss in Singapore

The Swiss School in Singapore was founded in 1967 as Swiss companies based in Singapore were increasingly transferring married Swiss specialists with families to Singapore. Originally, the school was open primarily to Swiss students. Since then, the school has become an international meeting place. Many nationalities, languages, and cultures are present at the school.

Beginning with only 18 students’ classes were initially held in rooms of the Swiss Club until the school started officially. Of the constructed school building, two pavilions still stand today. The institution is uniquely and beautifully nestled in a pristine piece of forest, with beautiful rain trees with a school compound laid out on a slope.

The school was not only founded on Swiss Club land, but the founding fathers of the school were all also important members of the Swiss Club. Soon the school, together with the Swiss Club, became the central network node of the Swiss community in Singapore. To this day, the school can count on a great cooperation with the Club, the Embassy, and the other pillars of the Swiss community.

On 18 July 1967, the ‘Swiss School in Singapore’ was registered as a company without share capital. In the same year, it received recognition from the Swiss government to become one of the acknowledged Swiss Schools Abroad. The Canton of Zug agreed to support and mentor the school and, until now, plays an important and active role in supporting and supervising the pedagogical standard of the institution.

Today, the Swiss School in Singapore has around 250 students, offers bilingual education in French/English and German/English, has an Early Childhood Department, and has a holistic approach

Holdings of Heart 

The Swiss School in Singapore aims to educate in a lush, green environment where children take risks, make mistakes, learn, and grow, and put children first with the support of an engaged community. Along with it, the institution strives to empower its dedicated team of educators.

The institution has the vision to inspire its students to achieve their full potential, become positive change makers, and create a love for school. The institution embraces its Asian setting and strives to build a sustainable future informed by Swiss excellence and international openness in its students.

The institution believes in providing the best and embraces challenges to achieve its goals. It believes in caring and consciously communicating while respecting others’ dignity. The institution looks forward to creating a safe and sustainable environment.

Along with this, the institution fosters and supports independence, self-esteem, and diversity. They are honest, reliable, fair, and open to new ideas while acknowledging self-efficacy and taking responsibility for their actions.

Betty Ng: Teacher of Years

Betty Ng is the teacher who has been with the institution for the longest period of time, starting from 1975. She has been working with children of age 3 to age 5 for 47 years now. It is amusing to see her former pupils visit her with their wives and husbands and admit their kids to the same school.

Learning through the Age

The school provides courses in different languages preparing students for future global opportunities. It has stayed rooted in its value ever since its beginning, following the principles of integrity and dignity. The institution attempts to make every child feel secure and comfortable, which is achieved through teachers with a high level of dynamics in leadership and relationship competence.

Aiming for every child to be able to develop potential through targeted support and interactive coaching, independent learning and self-efficacy are introduced. This is achieved through lessons that promote responsibility, initiative, and creativity. The children experience meaningful learning by being able to actively set goals, create their own ideas, and work out solutions to achieve their aims and objectives in the institution.

Swiss School in Singapore starts with Pre-School (from 2 years), proceeding to Primary (up to P6) and Secondary School (at a renowned international IB school). The institution has involved a mixed-age learning concept with the goal of letting students learn together and from each other. Elder students take over certain responsibilities as the younger ones are introduced, while the focus of teaching remains on skills, bridging of diversities, and the possibility of learning about the same content in different levels and ranges. Therefore, teachers focus on social aspects and the individualization of the learning process equally.

Supporting Sport

With the aim to provide meaningful use of leisure time and lead to new experiences and contacts with peers’ the school provides its students with many extracurricular activities. These activities include Advanced EV3 Mindstorms, ballet, craft, football, forest School, and much more. Along with this, playing instruments, Martial arts and Yoga are also taught in the institution. The institution believes that these activities would evoke the creative side in young minds.

International Education: Unity in Diversity

Swiss School in Singapore has kept up with the changing dynamics of the world. Where the world is walking toward globalization and learning languages has become important, the school has adopted multilingualism, as most of its students speak English, German, or French.

Students are more flexible, live component, and open-minded; the institution welcomes and nurtures children of any nationality, ethnic background, and religion. As it understands the difference of cultures in the country, it encourages the celebration of various festivals, including Deepavali, Lantern Event, Santa Claus, Christmas, Carnival, Chinese New Year, Children´s Day, and many more.

Mark From the Time

Swiss School in Singapore introduced the French stream in 2019, making it the second school of Swiss Schools to have the language. Along with this, the institution provides higher mother tongue Niveau in German, French, and English. In addition, it is the only school abroad with a secondary section at a renowned international IB school.

Along with other achievements, the organization is Swiss government-approved and is currently celebrating its 55 years.

Envisioning the Future

Swiss School in Singapore looks forwards to sustainable healthy growth, strengthening the French stream, and preparing students for the life of tomorrow, turning them into positive change makers.

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