Teach to Lead

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes the great work of teachers throughout the country, to improve educational opportunities for all students. Which helps the educator and students to lift themselves up in the society.

Teach to Lead is an initiative jointly convened by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, ASCD and the U.S. Department of Education. The program’s mission is to approach student outcomes by expanding opportunities for teacher leadership. This is achieved by offering resources, facilitating stakeholder consultation, and encouraging professional collaborations to grow and amplify the work of teacher leaders. Teach to Lead envisions a world in which teachers are cherished as the foremost experts in instruction and, as such, are leaders of advising and implementing education policy and practice to handle systematic advancement to benefit student learning.

Teacher leadership means having a voice of teacher in term of policies and decision by him and will help their students, in their own daily work as well as for shaping up their own profession. That  means teaching can’t be a one-size-fits-all job.  There must be different paths based on different interests, and we don’t have to end up with the same job description that we have started with.

Mission of Teach to Lead

Teach to Lead envisions a world in which teachers are valued as the foremost experts in instruction and, as such, are leaders in refining, informing, and implementing education policy and practices to steer systemic improvements to benefit student learning.


  • Increase pathways and opportunities for teachers to exercise leadership.
  • Elevate teacher voice to advise and develop policy and practice.
  • Expand existing efforts and create models to steer systemic improvements to benefit student learning.

Teach to Lead aims to encourage schools and districts, and hopefully even states, all over the country to supply more opportunities for genuine, authentic teacher leadership that don’t require giving up a daily role in the classroom.

Teach to lead is a creating and implementing well-designed structures for relevant professional development  is a key feature of teacher leadership. Utilizing teacher’s proficiency in directing and supporting each other at various points across the career continuum is a smart way that not only increases our pedagogical effectiveness, but also bolsters the teacher’s ability, motivation and morale. Hybrid roles, such as peer coaches, are another way that schools and districts are recognizing the value of teacher leadership at the local level. This distributed model of leadership encourages a participatory culture, maximizes teachers skills and capacities for the benefit of teachers and students.

Teach to lead is a teacher-led and well designed program which got quite a lot of appreciation at international level. Teach to Lead has become an important vehicle through which so many teachers are fighting to make their leadership dreams a reality.

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