Telengana promotes students of classes 1-9 to the next level without exams
School examinations

In light of the increase in Covid-19 cases during its second wave, the Telengana government has made an announcement of promoting all the students of classes 1-9 to the next level without conducting any final examinations.

The decision comes days after the state government had order that the schools will remain closed from 27 April to 31 May 2021. The Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy said that the decision of reopening the schools and junior colleges will be taken on 1 June 2021, after considering the Covid situation.

The Telengana government, after careful consideration of the current situation has decided that there will be no detention system for classes 1-9 in the state. Accordingly, there is no need to conduct any examination. All the students will be promoted to the next higher class to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Owing to the pandemic, it is difficult to ensure rigorous assessment of the students’ performance. Hence, schools are looking out for unique ways to help those who need to catch up. According to many school authorities, it is important to bridge the learning gap among class 9 students by conducting home-based assessments during the summer vacations.

Many schools have prepared worksheets and projects on key concepts for the vacation period, so that students can revisit the fundamental topics in a fun-filled manner. They will be assessing the learning gaps of all the students, especially the ones in class 9.

Earlier, the Telengana government had postponed the class 12 board examinations and had announced to promote the class 10 students without conducting any board exam.

The government will release guidelines for the evaluation and promotion of class 10 students. The government further added that it will also promote the intermediate first-year students, but will conduct a final examination once the situation improves.

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