Thailand: An Amalgam of Rich Culture, Varied Traditions and Prolific Modernization
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Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia for holidays. The city attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe every year. Only Dubai can come parallel to Thailand as Asia’s tourism capital. The capital city Bangkok, manages to maintain its historical architecture and traditions dating back hundreds of years. The city is packed with everything from chaos and excitement, to beauty, freedom and adventure. Through the hustle and bustle, grand palaces and temples and a world-renowned floating market, Bangkok still continues to attract millions of tourist from around the world.

The most visited places by the tourist are:

Floating Markets

There are many floating markets in Bangkok like Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market, Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market, Tha Kha Floating Market, Taling Chan Floating Market. Among them Khlong Lat Mayom, Damnoen, and Amphawa Floating Market being the most popular floating market in the country. The opening hours of markets are different. This is one sight which is not seen anywhere else other than in Southeast Asia. The best way to explore Bangkok’s floating market is to hop aboard one of the many guided boat tours on offer.

Wat Arun- The Temple of Dawn

It is one of the marvelous and stunning temples in Bangkok. The temple is locally known as Wat Chaeng and is situated on the west (Thonburi) bank of the Chao Phraya River. The temple is famous not only because of its location but because of the design which is different to the other temple of the city. Wat Arun is partly made up of colorfully decorated spires and stand majestically over the water. The temple is directly opposite to Wat Pho, so it is very easy to get to. From Sapphan Taksin boat pier tourist take a river boat that stops at pier 8. From here a small shuttle boat takes them from one side of the river to the other for only 3 baht. Entry to the temple is 100 baht. The temple is open daily from 08:30 to 17:30

Bang Krachao Gardens

If someone got a day to spare in Bangkok and are eager to escape the bustle of the city, they can DIY their own Bang Krachao day trip and explore Bangkok’s so-called green lungs. The environment cannot be compare to any other share of parks in the city. It honestly does feel like a world away from Bangkok and tourist are able to see how the local community differs from the neighborhoods in the city. The natural beauty of Bang Krachao Gardens includes walking trails and beds packed to the brim with lush tropical lakes, trees, and raised embankments which pass unique houses on stilts built along the Chao Phraya River’s edge.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Thailand is famous for its market culture and Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of them. The market covers an area of 35 acre with over 8000 market stalls and 200 000 visitors each weekend. It is the largest market in Bangkok. It is popular among wholesalers and traders. The market has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place for tourist. On a typical weekend, more than 200,000 visitors come here to sift through the goods on offer. Veteran shoppers would agree that just about everything is on sale here, although not all at the best bargain rates. But if anyone has weekend in Bangkok, squeeze in a day trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market and you will not be disappointed.

The Grand Palace

The palace was built in 1782 and once it was the home of the Thai King, the royal court and the administrative seat of government, Bangkok’s Grand Palace is the magnifying and world-renowned landmark in the capital. The palace has a beautiful architect and ancient designs of the diverse array of Buddhist sculptures and temples that flow through the vicinity. Most popular amongst tourists has to be Wat Phra Kaew, in English the “Temple of the Emerald Buddha”.  The 14th century Emerald Buddha, revered by all Thais, is a highlight too.

Bangkok is probably the largest and most developed city in Southeast Asia and years ahead of the majority of other cities and towns that scatter the Kingdom of Thailand. One must go and see why the excitement about Bangkok exists!

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