Thames British School, Madrid
Thames British School, Madrid

Thames British School, Madrid

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

– Robert Greene

As Robert stated, our future depends on how much we invest in ourselves.

Dive into the ocean of learning and knowledge, and you will shine like the sun. This is what every parent dreams for their child, and for that, they seek out a school where their child will obtain an ocean of knowledge and skills so that when they emerge from  that ocean, they will stand out from the crowd and achieve great success in their endeavors.

Thames British School is a secure and highly-motivating learning environment that provides students with the resources they need to develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s technologically advanced society, to become the best they can be  and to shine like a star.

The school’s curriculum is designed to encourage students to take risks and overcome challenges. The school environment is safe and supportive, encouraging children to express confidence and exhibit empathy.

We interviewed Thames British School and spoke with the Director of the School while searching for ‘The Best Performing British Schools in Europe, 2023.’ He talked to The Knowledge Review about how the school began, its honors and accolades, and plans for the future.

Dive down to discover more about the school.

Kindly tell our readers about your school, its history, and its facilities.

Our school was built in 2014, and its first academic year started in September of that  year. We began with Early Years and Primary School and gradually expanded our offering to include Secondary School and Sixth Form classes.

Tell us about the mission, vision, and core values of your school.

Our mission is to provide a British Education of the highest quality in a stimulating, safe      and positive learning environment that delivers academic excellence.

We have created an environment where children can develop the knowledge and skills they will need in the 21st century by encouraging them to critically evaluate their experiences within the globally respected curricula of the National Curriculum for England and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Our broad and balanced learning experiences are designed to encourage children to take risks and embrace challenges.

We have created a safe, stable, and nurturing environment for students, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. We promote the students’ holistic development, laying considerable emphasis on both academic and life skills.

Please brief us about the personality behind the success of the school and how  he has helped enhance outreach and development at the school.

Our school director is an inherent part of our family – of the teachers, the students, and  the parents. He is fully devoted to all of us and understands the needs of every child and every staff member, whatever the situation.

He has worked with British International Schools for over half his working life and is proud to be a part of the British international education family to which Thames British  School belongs.

Schools should prepare their students for life after school and beyond. Consequently,   we take a holistic approach to the children’s education, helping them achieve their maximum human potential beyond the academic knowledge they acquire in the classroom.

What are your school’s top priorities in terms of learning outcomes and course objectives?

Our top priorities are to provide our students with a happy and safe environment that fosters respect for others and for oneself and to help them develop and grow every day      during their academic life.

How do you maintain the quality of academic education at your school?

Our school employs highly qualified teaching staff who regularly take professional development courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in education and  safeguarding.

Most of our lessons are taught in English, meaning children learn not only to speak  English fluently, but also to think in English, which is an invaluable asset in today’s global marketplace.

How did your school adapt to e-learning?

Thames British School is fully accredited to deliver the Cambridge Curriculum for all our students onsite or online.

All lessons were taught online by the class and subject teachers, from Early Years to  Sixth Form. Children were also given the opportunity to take part in assemblies and social sessions focusing on PSHE and how they were feeling with the lockdown.

We strive to give everyone the opportunity to obtain the globally recognised IGCSE  certificate or A Level exams and enter the world’s most prestigious universities.

We also offer a more inclusive online programme meaning that more students from  across the globe can benefit from the very best of a British education.

What kind of extracurricular and co-curricular activities and events do you hold  at your school? How do you ensure maximum student engagement in these events?

We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for our students after school and during the lunch break. These include film club, book club, green screen animation,   choir, quiz club, and various sports activities from football to roller skating.

How do you prepare your students for the future? What extra resources, arrangements, or programmes do you offer to this end?

Apart from the Cambridge education programme from Preschool to A Levels, we also  offer Spanish University opportunities for interested students.

We provide English immersion for international students and extra lessons to help students with Special Educational Needs.

Please list your school’s most notable achievements, accolades, accreditations, and awards.

  • Achievements: design and management competitions and also two of our secondary students have been recognised as the ‘Best Performing Learners’ in Spain.
  • Member of the NABSS and Acade.
  • Cambridge Assessment International Education.
  • Spanish Ministry of Education.

Thames has a critical friend who not only monitors our schools to ensure the highest standards are maintained but also provides continuous pedagogical support to ensure   that our schools remain up to date with the latest developments in British education.

How do you envision the future of your school going forward?

We will soon be offering the IBDP, which will open up new opportunities for students who may prefer this option to A Levels. This will help us adapt to our student’s needs and  ensure that everyone can take the path that is the best fit for them.

We are extending our international environment with partnerships and exchange programmes across Europe. In the meantime, we hope to continue providing the highest quality education to all our students who decide to join us and become part of  our Thames family.

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