The 10 Best Business Programs in America 2019

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.”

An entrepreneur is someone capable of identifying an opportunity or need in the market and provide a product or service which meets that need. Given that start-ups are booming everywhere, having an idea is not enough to become an entrepreneur. Determination; is one of the strongest characteristics a business man should have. Anyone willing to be entrepreneurs should know that failures are a part of their journey and turning this failure into success is what they should be determined about. Having people skills is another trait that any aspiring entrepreneurs or business man should possess. Excellent communication skills, strong work ethics never go wrong for a businessman.
However, what should entrepreneurs actually look forward too? Working alongside machines and robots, business is taking a new shape while initiating a change in the world. The bright entrepreneurial minds of today should work to bring this change. Gone are the days when business was focused on just providing a service or product, many of the trades today are focusing on bringing a positive change in the society while offering a service or product. Focusing to achieve this goal many colleges in U.S are preparing its students to be the business leaders of tomorrow and stirring them to bring a bigger and positive change.

In our latest edition titled as ‘The 10 Best Business Programs in America 2019’, we have handpicked a few colleges which offer high-quality business education and instigate change.

Georgia Southwestern State University – Providing High Impact Learning Experiences at Best Value

Founded over a century ago, Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) is working to enrich the lives of people by providing a comprehensive university education in a caring and understanding environment. Today, GSW continues to attract talented students and world-class faculty.

Georgia Southwestern is ranked as one of the best value colleges in the country. The university has approximately 3,000 residential, non-residential and online students from all academic areas. GSW is located in the peaceful and picturesque South Georgia town of Americus, Georgia. Situated just 130 miles south of Atlanta, Americus offers a perfect combination of a rural community-centered campus with all of the conveniences and to all the benefits a large metropolitan city has to offer.

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