The 10 Best International Schools in Dubai 2018

Dubai, a city well known for its global standards of living and widely renowned as the ‘Business Hub’ of the Middle East. The city is reaching towering heights of development with striking similarities to the famous structure of Burz Khalifa standing tall on its own land. In the last few decades the city has witnessed a huge influx of immigrants on the account of better livelihood and alluring business opportunities. This has resulted into a significant portion of city’s population comprised solely of foreigners, expatriates and immigrants.
The regional development of Dubai can definitely be attributed to the developed population inhabited on its lands. Courtesy to the composition of its population, the role of expatriates in Dubai’s growth is always talked with very high regards. Hence, the expatriates and immigrants are definitely vital cogs in Dubai’s development, and so is their education and educational needs per se.
International Schools have established themselves as one-stop-solution for meeting global standards of education across the world. In this issue of “The 10 Best International Schools in Dubai 2018”, we have highlighted the institutions of the region having impeccable educational standards, and their relentless contributions towards nurturing next generations of Dubai.

The American School of Dubai

The American School of Dubai: A Legacy of Excellence

ASD’s Mission: To challenge and inspire each student to achieve their dreams and to become a passionate learner prepared to adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world.

The American School of Dubai (ASD) is an independent, not-for-profit, K-12 US curriculum school deeply rooted in the past, having been established in 1966—even before the United Arab Emirates was formally established. And yet, ASD is firmly fixed on the future. Positioning itself as a leader in sustainability for the region, ASD recently won a prestigious Expo 2020 Sustainability Champions award and is a finalist for the Zayed Sustainability Prize—to be awarded in January, 2019. The visionary, progressive leadership is making a case to rebrand homework…

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