10 Best Law Schools in America 2018

Law affects everyone in one way or the other. Whether it is during getting a new job, buying a house, or claiming the insurance, law always has a vital role to play. It is because of this, that a career as a lawyer is an extraordinary calling. The quote, “He who said that ‘talk is cheap’, has never hired a lawyer”, speaks volumes about who a lawyer is and what they are capable of. Without doubt one can say that a lawyer intensely analyzes the written decisions of the past and guides towards current decisions.

Being a competitive and highly popular career path, students want nothing less than the best. This being the reason behind U.S.A being the most desirable study destination for future lawyers as it has some extraordinary offers for students. World class education, the increase in number of job prospects, exciting career path, and the promising and rewarding salaries are some of the perks of studying in the US.

In this issue, “10 Best Law Schools in America 2018”, we have picked out few such institutions who are in the forefront. These institutes nurture their students with a devotion to justice and prepare them for the world stage.

Boston College Law School– Integrating Education with Innovation


Boston College Law School aims at educating lawyers through theory and practice, shaping leaders prepared to grapple with society’s most important moral and ethical questions.

Boston College Law School (BC Law) is one amongst the six professional graduate schools at Boston College. Located approximately 1.5 miles from the main Boston College campus in Chestnut Hill, Boston College Law School is situated on a 40-acre wooded campus in Newton, Massachusetts. The School offers a full-time, three-year J.D. program, as well as a one-year LL.M. Master of Laws program primarily for international students.

A Culturally Vibrant Campus

At BC Law, a commitment to diversity is more than an institutional mandate:

Educator’s Insight

Expert’s Viewpoint

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