The 10 Most Innovative Institutes for Architecture in 2018

Designis not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how itworks.”– Steve Jobs, a renowned Tech-entrepreneur.

Buildings,the most important substance in today’s life, are the placeswhere we spend the most of our time. May it be our homes, educationalinstitutions or offices; it’s the structure of bricks andmortar, which gives us shelter for our entire lifetime. Whatever maythe building be, the most critical thing about it is its design.Design is the thing which decides everything from the foundation ofthe building to the structure of its windows.

Architecturesare those people who decide what the structure of a building shouldbe, and it’s the design of the building which instructs how abuilding should look like. It also rules the most crucial factorswhich make a building strong enough to withstand any circumstancefrom sun heat, rain, breeze, or natural calamities like flood,earthquake, or tornado. It is because of the architectures, theengineers, and hundreds of other skilled and unskilled workersbecause of whom we have a peaceful sleep in the night or sit calmlyin a lecture hall, be it on a hot summer day, a freezing winter nightor a rainy afternoon.

Designis the thing which differentiates building one from “Just abuilding” to “Wow! What a wonderful building”.Architecture is the only scope where even humans can create thegreatest wonders of the world and the most popular examples tosupport this statement are TajMahal inIndia, Colosseumin Italy, Pyramidsin Egypt, ChichenItzain Mexico, and GreatWall of Chinaamong many others. 

Behindevery great architect, lie their extraordinary sense of aesthetics,knowledge about art and design, geometric sense, and huge practicalexperience. To bring forward such institutes which are instillingcreativity, enhancing knowledge, and helping students createmilestones of the level-next, we have come up with the issue “The10 Most Innovative Institutes for Architecture in 2018”.

Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture: A Pioneer of Architectural Education


To promote research, innovation and entrepreneurship in collaboration with professionals and industries, the institute inculcates high moral, ethical and professional standards amongst students to contribute towards building a skillful society through an academic process aimed at achieving excellence and, through an active teacher-student-industry collaboration.

Established in 2004, Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture is a constituent of Chitkara University Punjab. Located along the Chandigarh – Patiala National Highway, the institute is within easy reach of Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Ambala and Patiala. It is committed to excellence and known for its vibrant academic environment, a distinguished faculty, brilliant students and, proactive collaboration with industry.

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