The 10 Most Preferred Nursing Programs 2017

Doctors heal the wounds but nurses touch the inner soul with compassion, empathy and utmost care that they shower all around the clock, at the time of need. Nursing is not only a revered professional among all other, but it also provides lucrative career opportunity as well.  In today’s contemporary time, a plethora of career opportunities is getting generated not only in the USA but across the globe for skilled nursing graduates. But the vital aspect required to fill those employment gap is the core technical skills associated with the nursing profession. If a nursing aspirant instills the core traits then that aspirant can work in a wide array of service, include Surgical Nurse, Dialysis Nurse, Nurse Midwife, Anesthetist, Nurse Educator, Pediatric Nurse and many more. In order to exploit this growing number of money-spinning opportunities, an aspirant must go through rigorous, stringent and advanced learning practices that are parallel to the market need. Therefore, in this Issue of “The 10 Most Preferred Nursing Programs 2017 ”, The Knowledge Review features some of the best nursing institutes in the USA that have gained prominence due to their quality education, advanced teaching practices, and superior student success track record.

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BYU College of Nursing: Instilling Nursing Ethos through Advanced Simulation-based Learning


Our mission is to develop professional nurses who promote health, care for the suffering, engage in the scholarship of the discipline, invite the Spirit of health and healing, and lead with faith and integrity.

Nursing is a profession which is built on the pillars of altruism. People admire and respect this profession due to the reverence and the compassionate care nurses deliver at the time of a calamity. But to inculcate this core ethos, one needs robust curriculum and an advanced simulation-based learning environment that empowers students to uncover and fortify the humane values along with the core technical aspects associated with the profession. One such prominent University providing popular nursing courses across the globe is Brigham Young University (BYU).

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