The ABC International School: Redefining Education, Delivering Value
The ABC International School

ABC International School strives to provide an excellent teaching and learning environment for the development of its students. Its mission is to aid the students as well as the staff to realize their full potential, and be able to constantly strive for higher goals and ideals.

The significance of international education is substantially depicted by the plethora of benefits it delivers equally to students, researchers and individuals endeavoring for professional advancements. International schools promote cultural diversity in gaining knowledge and skills by harboring the diaspora and providing them with the appropriate education required to acquire optimum knowledge of their present community and economy. One fitting example of a profound adherence to these aspects is The ABC International School, Vietnam.

The Anglophone British Curriculum International School (originally the ABC English School) was established in 1995, during a time when the Ho Chi Minh City was short of options in international education for children of foreign investors, expatriates and Vietnamese nationals. The ABCIS initiated with 12 students in a playgroup and nursery class and went on to add new classes each year.

By 2001 the school catered for 70 children, from Playgroup to Year 6. Teachers were only recruited from overseas and the school formally began to follow the English National Curriculum. Presently the school has around 800 students from ages 2 to 18. In 2003, the school was registered in the UK with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and Department for Education and Skills (DfES).

By 2008, the ABCIS was inspected and accepted as a full member of the prestigious Federation Of British Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) and began participating in major mathematics, sporting, musical, debating and cultural events throughout the continent. Following the inspection, the school was also accepted as an exam centre for Cambridge International, AQA, IGCSE and A Level examinations.

As the number of students expanded rapidly, the school constructed new campuses to match the needs of children of different age groups. It was also accepted as a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). As a part of the rules of its COBIS membership, the ABCIS is inspected once every 3 years by inspectors reporting on behalf of the UK Government.

The expectations during the inspection is that all standards within the school are the same or better than those in a UK school. In both 2013 and 2017, the UK Government inspection teams awarded the ABCIS an ‘outstanding’ status which is the highest inspection ranking, in all areas that were inspected. This remark is truly praiseworthy as only a very small number of schools in the world have twice in a row been awarded an outstanding status in all areas. All previous inspection reports are available on the school website with utmost transparency.

Due to its strong teaching and learning ethos and effective systems, the ABCIS has consistently displayed outstanding international examination results over the years. Every year, overall examination results far exceed those of the UK’s and other international schools. A*/A rates overall usually exceed 60% of all exams appeared. ABCIS students achieve a great many commendable accolades each year for attaining the highest score in Vietnam in individual subjects and students have also achieved the Cambridge Learner Awards 7 times for the highest score in different subject areas globally.

Aiding the Drive for Excellence

ABCIS aims to equip its students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive in the international workplace. The school develops a student’s life skills through a diverse, enriching and rigorous curriculum based on the English National Curriculum for ages 2 to 13 followed by IGCSE and ‘A’ Level qualifications that are accepted internationally.

Students from ABCIS go on to study at top universities in England, the US, Canada, Australia, Korea and a host of other Asian and European destinations. Some recent examples of universities where the ABCIS students have attended include, Cambridge University, Seoul National University, London School of Economics, Durham University, New York University, New South Wales University, and Melbourne University.

In addition to a prolific curriculum, the school has a strong House system and there are regular intra and inter-house competitions throughout the year as well as a ‘Mindfulness Week’, Sports Days, teambuilding days, swim galas, etc. The school has a strong pastoral program as well. The Learning Study Centre is the schools centre of learning and welcomes students throughout the day to allow a mature and powerful learning space similar to many university libraries. Learning is based on teacher led activities focused on age specific themes that prepare students for the issues they face both inside and outside school.

Instilling Compassion through Quality Learning

The three separate age-appropriately equipped campuses at ABCIS have a full range of comprehensive facilities and amenities to help provide a contemporary, proficient and holistic international education. All the three campuses have air-conditioned, well-appointed classrooms, supplementary specialist teaching spaces, and resource rich learning study centers. These are supported by interactive whiteboards and/or projectors in every teaching area supplemented by individual access to topnotch portable ICT equipment for pupils in all age groups.

The ABCIS has an extensive charity involvement which ranges from financial support for a number of local charities which provide medical equipment and aid for families in need and time and resources for local orphanages. The school has an annual Smile Week in aid of Operation Smile and sends students to the HCMC missions where young children receive life changing operations. The school’s ECA program offers a diverse range of opportunities from sporting, creative, musical and academic activities. It has a thriving MUN and IA programs which provide vital personal development and leadership opportunities.

Promising a Future of Distinction

The ABCIS offers two types of scholarships. The first is awarded to the top attaining students at the end of Year 11, based on IGCSE results. These students receive partial remission of their Year 13 education fees. The second is awarded to graduating students based on A-Level result and is a scholarship to help towards travel or equipment.

The ABC International School has outstanding academic results, both in terms of attainment in external examinations, Cambridge Learner Awards and value added. The two ‘Outstanding’ BSO inspections are an indication of the quality of provision provided for the students.

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