The Absolute Truth about Theology
The Absolute Truth about Theology - The Knowledge Review

This is not about any particular figure from any particular scriptures. This is about what the purpose of our life should be. God created us so as to be able to transcend His message among the uninstructed. The sole purpose of possessing this intelligent conscience is to preserve what has been created. There cannot be a better gift to God than respecting His creations and looking after them with candor and diligence. For a population of 7 billion that is spread across the vast 57.5 million sq. miles of land area of this world, it is quite an ardent task to spread the true message that God intends.

Leveraging the portal called Religion

Ever since man learnt to experience the nature, he was left in awe of its spectacular mechanisms. This led to various questions, which led to various answers, which again led to various questions and hence led to the present age that we live in today. Reasoning has been the single most powerful ability of man that has given him a dominating stand over all other beings. Leave answers, man is the only living being with the ability to reason every aspects of this universe. However, there were, and will always be, certain questions that remain unanswered and all of them lead to one word and that is GOD.

When everything is linked to one divine entity, then suddenly the whole world starts to make a whole lot of sense. This unparalleled force is held responsible for everything to keep the universe alive. This very phenomenon fascinated the primitive man and hence, with the development of language came the birth of scriptures, which led to the formation of groups that were segregated on the basis of believers and non-believers. Believers started following the path shown by their predecessors and hence led to the birth of Religion.

The religious texts that have been written across the generations have successfully disseminated the very purpose of a human life through their own experiences with God. These scriptures have essentially played the role of keeping the faith alive. Of course, it is a huge world and many people experienced God in their own separate ways and this led to different set of followers. But they were all calling out to the same entity in their own familiar names.

So, it is safe to say that Religion plays a very important role in the peace and progress of this entire world. The forerunners of different sects have a huge onus on them to explain the true meaning of the religious texts and consequently guide the masses through the destined path. History has evidence of various instances of a strong figure that was heavily influenced by the religious texts to undertake certain ground breaking decisions. Religion is truly a platform for dispensing peace and harmony and its followers are its flag bearers.

Religion is the vehicle and We are the passengers

Theology is the study of God and if we put it this way, then every person born in this world is a theologian because everyone at some point of the time has had certain conjecture about God. That belief or non-belief in God is what remains as the basis of every single soul’s purpose in this world. It is the fuel that runs the train of thoughts in every breathing mind. It is our faith that compels us to choose a particular lifestyle and it is the priests and the preachers who inspire us to a particular faith. Again, it is not about publicizing a religion, but theologians are commissioned across the world to spread the word of faith, to show the path of redemption. Obviously, they do this in accordance of the role they are assigned with in the seminary, church or ministry. Theologians have a great responsibility of understanding the true perception of the divine texts and exhorting them in its truest form. So, metaphorically speaking, we all know that there is a destination where we need to arrive at and hence we opt for the most suitable or pleasing vehicle. Some go for recommendations, some prefer to introspect the options and with all the right intent, theologians are those GPS systems that understand the path primarily and then show the path to others.

Let’s talk business

The world is based on satiating needs; and each has their own. This is how the economy of the world works. However, in the pursuit of achieving personal gains, it is quite disheartening to observe people committing certain sins. These are not just the sins that are being talked about in the holy texts. These are the sins that even the staunchest atheists would abhor. Desecrating the very nature that we live on, disregarding the very workforce that builds all, ignoring the moral values that binds all are some of the most heinous crimes that could be committed by a person in power. It is true that business replenishes our every desire, but the sad fact is that it also fuels greed in every pyre. The world is burning because of the avarice of a few. Hence, enters religion to balance out the entire scene.

In a typical business meeting, where a client is approached with a prospect, we hear words such as, ‘we care for your concern’ or ‘our motive is your satisfaction’. On the other hand, it is quite a naïve fact that business houses flourish on profit and this word is exactly what matters the most for almost every 50 individuals across a 50 mile radius. In fact, religion has the only solution to bring some sanity in the economic world. Many a times, we have come across top executives addressing themselves as God-fearing individuals or devout followers. This publicizes them as an honest person who is ruled by integrity in all aspects of their life. It brandishes their company as the one that adheres to all transparency norms and stays true to its commitments.

Every successful entrepreneur out there knows that the secret of every accomplishment is sheer talent and perseverance and to make it hassle-free, we need faith. Philosophy was largely incorporated in some Business schools to get the future entrepreneurs accustomed to the core purpose of the economy and to make them virtuous in their actions. So, imagine if an entrepreneur with theologian credentials forays into the corporate world, then there is absolutely no doubt that the credibility of that institute would increase manifold.

All that Matters is the Truth

To give a clear picture of who is doing what, we need to understand the philosophy of different religions while keeping in mind that there is no religion in philosophy. Religion explains the existence of God, His propositions, our source, our destination and everything about the creator. Philosophy, on the other hand, focuses on the execution of various thoughts, like where they come from and why we think the way we think. Philosophy is powered by logic, whereas religion is powered by belief. So, for those who are still dilly-dallying between religious studies, theology or philosophy, they should seek out the truth that adheres to them in all the above three areas of study.

In this massive world, to stay relevant in a global economy, it would be safe for the scholars of various religious studies to leverage the resources of various natural sciences while broadcasting the bare essentials of a religion to answer the most fundamental questions of life on Earth.

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