The Future of Education with Technology at the Forefront
Sandeep Mukherjee Chief Operating Officer Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions | the education magazine

With technology making rapid inroads into the world wide education space, today’s youth are as much in reverence of technological boon as they are ardently interested in leveraging technology to augment their learning experience. Speed, accuracy and connectivity gifted with the unique feature of sharability, are the primary reasons why future education is largely depending on technological epidemic. Though most of the machine learning tools are based of cognitive functions between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, given a chance, no human would prefer to say no to the technological grey of today’s knowledge bank. Complexity is nothing but compounded simplicity. The more complex it is, the better it is a tool for simplicity.

The future of education, hence, just can’t be thought of without technology being at the forefront.

Let us examine why tomorrow’s education can’t just exist without technology 

Digital Literacy : Much before a child learns the basics of alphabets and phonetics, he becomes literate on digital platforms. Communication begins with understanding signs and signals and signs and signals make the foundation for any language. Thus, the journey of 0 and 1 in the child’s life begins so early that nobody realizes when he becomes bondman to machines. When the child enters into his early schooling days, he looks around for familiar impressions of signs that he is used to – the early teaching aids used for kids are all machine oriented these days. This is digital literacy that outpaces academic literacy in the student’s career.

Supremacy of Visual Data : Visual data leaves darker impression in child’s brain. Compared to what was in practice some ten years ago in terms of class room delivery, has seen paradigm shift now. No classroom these days has only chalk and board, digital boards empowered with interactivity has become must for all schools and universities now. Enhanced contents doubled with multidimensional illustrations and powered with audio video tools have been able to successfully make place among the youth.

Innovative Learning Models : Teaching has been replaced by learning. And that is the biggest truth of the day. Time has come of open source learning resources. Inter dependability of various domains and inter alia relationship among them has been amplified by way of never stopping innovations in learning. There is no one way or standard way for explaining concepts of science or language or human dynamics. Innovations happen every time we close our eyes with deep thoughts.

Learning in Global Classrooms : Cloud is the only safe place to store data and to fetch from, now a days. Password is perhaps the best ever invention of mankind. Teaching-Learning modules are totally interactive now and realms of knowledge are ever increasing with expanse of data base every day. And there is no limit to it. A day will come when students will mark their attendance only digitally as their entire education system will become cloud based.

Artificial Intelligence : Given that AI is based on a complex programme built to mimic the cognitive functions between two human brains, it comes handy around the problem solving premises of a learning structure. AI is spreading its tentacles rapidly and is entering into redefining growth and expanse of human civilization at a galloping speed. From a simple phone to ocean bed sensors- everything is AI based. AI, perhaps, will be defining everything in future education when it will come to easing up complex concepts of science and mathematics and societal issues through personalized learning algorithms.

Social Media to Social Lessons : Education is a community munificence practiced with cultural differences. With increasing role of social media straight from the school days of a child, future education is going to be influenced a lot by the vices and virtues of the varieties and oddities of social media graphics in human minds. The boom of internet and 4Gs and 5Gs, connectivity with any part of the globe and sharing of info with anyone known or unknown, has become just a blink ! This, of course, calls for technology to be at the forefront of education in future.

Careers of the Future : With the day to day increasing advent of technology and its ever growing importance in human life, majority of the career options of the future are bound to be technology oriented, technology will always have an extra edge over any other factor, be it agriculture, science, politics, media or defense. Technology will create itself further with human interventions to produce only a better generation of technology itself.

Summarily speaking, with the growth of mankind, digital options too are increasing in leaps and bounds. The Cloud and the Internet are to be the only king and the Queen ruling the world in future. Education will become so much personalized and optionally scalable with varied aptitude of learners in future, that we will scarcely require any curriculum to follow. Teachers will become facilitators as students in most of the classes would be learning without being taught – virtual reality powered by artificial intelligence will become the only reality of life…of education…of learning…of teaching !

About the Author

Sandeep Mukherjee is an experienced individual who has previously worked as a senior teacher of the Commerce department in Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions. He has since moved upwards into an administrative position as the Chief Operating Officer in the same institute, Sandeep is also a regular writer on a plethora of magazines such as the Education World, The Education Today, the Edubench, the Career 360 where he has explored multiple educational topics.

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