The Gap between Education and Employment

It is said that learning a profession is one story and earning it is a completely different story. This holds true when we see the number of unemployed graduates in the world. In the developing countries, especially, there is a lack of availability of jobs to cater to these qualified workforces.

As per International Labour Organization (ILO) and OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) there are countries which are having the lowest unemployment rate but do not find their mention even in the top 10 of “The Best Education in the World” list.

There are countries (developing as well as developed), where the rate of producing candidates has surpassed that of the employment generation rate. In some instances, it’s vice versa and hence has to go for outsourcing.

The big picture here is one simple story, some countries have the workforce but not enough jobs and some have an extravaganza of jobs but not enough workforce. To put it into perspective, let’s talk numbers.

Qatar has the lowest unemployment rate at 0.4% but does not figure in the top 10 of the quality education list. United states comes to 4.9% with a ranking of 29 in the quality of education list.

Some of the reasons why lesser powerful economies like Cambodia, Belarus, Thailand find themselves in the top 10 of the least unemployment rate list can be the initiatives taken by the government, the approach of the natives towards extraneous opportunities and the little phenomenon with a mettle of a hornet’s nest called ‘’Politics”.

The reason why some countries with favorable laws and policies are still facing high unemployment rate is the political climate on its territory which affects the financial and cultural life of the society.

Some countries that do have good employment rate are scorned for poor labor laws.

To look at the brighter side of the picture, globalization has played the biggest role in mobilizing the workforce from the givers to the takers. Candidates from countries with a good education system are mobilizing themselves in search of a greener patch. They are ready to leave the comfort zone of their homeland in search of a better livelihood.

Keeping in groove with the whole globalization trend, governments everywhere are taking measures to make themselves investment friendly.

To summarize, opportunities are everywhere. All one needs to do is be a go-getter.

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