The Global Face of Education

Education and the essence of learning have shaped human beings and the society to where they stand today. Had it not been for education, chances are we would still be living under the rocks. What gives education the power to change the world is the inquisitive mind human beings are bestowed with. It is this power of questioning and finding answers that have led to the inventions and discoveries that have changed the world and continue to do so. It has also given rise to people or idols who are now respected as great scholars and influencers who wield this power.

As the world shrinks and becomes accessible on the fingertips, the world of education is being rearranged with ideas from people across the globe. These Global Educational Influencers are redefining the way formal education works throughout the world. The best practices in various local education systems are being adopted by global systems. So much so that you now have an Indian yoga class in the schools of America to improve the overall physical and mental health of students and help them focus on studies.

These Global Influencers are well-versed with the demands that a global economy and society creates. Owing to this, it is up to them to create global citizens who can meet this demand. So they take the platforms that are readily available to their disposal ranging from local schools to digital and online classes. They help students get acquainted with the world that is beyond textbooks and curriculums, exposing them to what is expected of them when they go out of the schools. This creates a generation that is not just educated but profession-ready.

In this new world of global education, borders don’t matter. What matters is credibility and easy reach to opportunities and exposures. Global Educational Influencers like those featured here are the ones who ensure that education isn’t limited to boundaries and is availed by every soul that wants to learn. Here are a few stories about those bridging the gap between quality, global education, and those who want a share

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