The Government released an early version of the National Curriculum Framework for schools
National Curriculum Framework

The Ministry of Education released a pre-draft version of the National Curriculum Framework for school-level Education on April 6, 2023. It solicited feedback from various stakeholders, including teachers, parents, experts, scholars, and professionals.

Words from the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education (MoE) stated that it was essential to receive feedback from this NCF-School Education (SE), given the diverse needs of students, numerous pedagogical approaches, and learning and teaching materials at various stages of school education.

The Ministry stated, “Feedback from diverse stakeholders will further assist NSC in critically examining the various modalities and approaches this framework proposes.”

A critical piece of the report is the consideration of values and their “rootedness” in India. “It is deeply rooted in India,” reads the pre-draft. It applies to language learning, content, pedagogical approaches, tools, resources, and a philosophical foundation of the goals and the epistemic strategy.

The Ministry established the National Steering Committee, led by K. Kasturirangan, to carry out and advance NCFs. A mobile app survey was used to collect responses from approximately 1,50,000 stakeholders in the digital mode.

More than 12,00,000 stakeholders have contributed to the Citizen-Centric Survey, launched by the Ministry in August 2022. The Service said, “Data sources are being gotten in every aspect of ECCE, School Training, Educator Training, and Grown-up Schooling.”

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