The Leading Lights of Finance Education in India

Finance has emerged as a promising field in the Indian panorama, opening doors for various opportunities to competent candidates. It has transformed into one of the most popular fields, which most individuals are eyeing to be a part of. Accordingly, they plan on preparing themselves to face different challenges of the field. They look out for the top-notch institutions which provide the best-in-class educational facilities coupled with cutting-edge infrastructure and outstanding career opportunities. This is where, the leading institutions come into play, which provide students with quality education in the field of finance, with research and career-oriented perspective.

The Knowledge Review thus introduces the issue, India’s 10 Best Institutions for Finance Studies, 2019, which offers students state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated educational procedures to ensure that students transform into leaders of the financial sector. This issue showcases all those institutions which have set a benchmark in terms of delivering an excellent education in financial accounting and management.

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