The Need of Parents to be Included in the Curriculum
Sonali Sagarmal Lunawat

Education is nowadays highly concern for each and every parent as it is one experience that children worldwide have means by which societies prepare their youth for the future. It is important for achieving a parent’s goal to create youth with knowledge and behavior. To achieve these learning experiences is nothing but a curriculum.

The word curriculum means a program to study which learners encounter in the pathway. It is said that parent is the first guru than a teacher because what they learn from their parents is never taught in the curriculum. Parent’s involvement will enrich the curriculum with opportunities for hands-on learning outside the classroom. Parents should have answers of “What my child is learning? What learning process is carried? How is my child assessed? How my child will succeed? What kind of courses are been taught?.

Involving parents help in bridging any differences in an open-door policy. Parents can participate in the learning process by sharing their experiences which leads to boost teachers’ perception and job satisfaction which leads to achieving high productivity.

Days are gone where parent were just following instructions now the time has come wherein teacher and parent go hand in hand by sharing experiences to build their child’s future. Parents are now a day’s more concerned and give volunteer support inspite of their busy schedule to overcome the mistakes that happened in their times. Parents remain involved to make better transitions by maintaining the quality of work to develop future road map of a child.

As per my experience, Parents’ status is not calculated in development of the child. The culture followed at home matters a lot in building them. Parents who are not involved in the curriculum of the child may face many problems. If the learning culture is built like a home environment then students will achieve greater grades.

The need of involving parents in the curriculum will help to shape the career of students. Awareness of current happening in the school or college need to know to parent. I have always been thinking when there is Parent Meet then the teacher will show us grades achieved by child but what if that could be informed before coming on paper. I could have taken more efforts from my side to make improvements in that. Now-a-days PTA that is Parent Teacher Association is formed in many schools and colleges where parents are involved in making decision policy and came with good results too. Such culture needs to build in each and every school and college to encourage learning for shaping their careers.

In the world of social media where each and every one is addicted to it, so parents can be easily involved. It is difficult to involve parents due to their busy schedules. So, they couldn’t focus on their child. Increasing social media usage in school and college teachers can reach to parents. As said, coin has two side. One where involvement is important and the other side is much more involvement of parents will create different problems too. But thinking on the positive side, parent involvement in curriculum will be benefited more. The result of investing time by both parents and teachers is worth to ensure success in their future career path. As of now, we are thinking on how curriculum needs to be designed but we also need to think on students’ side that what they want, what are their needs and how that would be fruitful in shaping their future.

Parents need to understand their child’s requirements and build a friendly relation with them. If teachers and parents go hand in hand will helps students to model their career. 

About the Author

Mrs. Sonali Sagarmal Lunawat/Bhandari
Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Engineering,
Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering and Research, Ravet, Pune.
Teaching Experience of 11 yrs.
Taught many subject like Database Management Systems, Principles of Programming Languages, Object Oreinted Programming
Published many research papers.
Filed 3 patent and 6+ copyrights.
Guided more than 30+ projects.
Department Training and placement coordinator.
Handling College website.

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