The Neurodiversity in Education Conference in Kilkenny was a Huge Success
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On Friday, Kilkenny hosted a symposium to explore and comprehend neurodiversity in education. The TSK Academy team, led by Jeanette Delahunty, organized a support event for kids of all ages who are neurodiverse.

The presenters, who included specialists and people with personal experiences, provided excellent insights. They stressed the need of recognizing neurodiversity and providing appropriate assistance for neurodivergent pupils in education and the workplace. Stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students, and specialists, shared their perspectives on opportunities and problems.

The conference emphasized Ireland’s urgent need for greater support in 2024, with projects like as early intervention services and autism-friendly events such as Limerick’s Autism-Friendly Parade.
Speakers Keith Enright and Sharon McCarthy underlined the need for autonomy and predictability while serving neurodivergent persons.

Amy Winter highlighted practical sensory play practices in Special Educational Needs classrooms, addressing the problems that many children, parents, and teachers encounter.
Simon Preston shared insights from his experiences as a neurodivergent individual and educational leader, offering advice on best practices for teams. The conference emphasized the significance of recognizing neurodiversity and supporting individuals with unique needs in education and beyond.

Jeanette and the TSK team see this as the start of a long process to make Kilkenny and other counties more inclusive and aware of the opportunities and problems linked with autism and neurodivergence. For further information and a complete summary of the conference, contact

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