Three Shades of Chinese Educational Frame-work

(Picturesque Past, Promising Present and Fascinating Future)

China, a nation where Education is cherished and Educated are celebrated. On the lands of Confucius, education has always been seen as a ‘Symbol of Power’. It is believed that education in china sprouted right alongside the inception of Chinese Civilization. The history of Chinese-Education can be traced back to as far as 16th Century BC. During those days, it was primarily considered as a privilege of the elites. With the passage of time, the need and importance of acquiring education slowly but strongly trickled down to each and every section of the society. And, this led to the actual renaissance of Education in China.

The Good-Old Days

The frame-work of education in China is considered to be one of the oldest in the world. It has survived several centuries of time only due to its eternal robustness.

The country got ruled by several dynasties during those centuries. They had different ideologies and modulus-operandi but one thing remained common all through the time. It was the constant pursuit of knowledge and excellence. It was firmly believed that education shall be provided to all without any hint of discrimination.

When world was still struggling to find the base on which knowledge can be imparted effectively, China was witnessing the conduct of prestigious Civil-Service examinations across the country. In China, it was very famously said that “For living an easy life, there is no need to build mansions. In books are found many houses of gold”. Such ideologies made serious impacts on the ways people thought and subsequently on the ways people lived.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that Education was the sole entity which played the most important role in blossoming of China’s long and respected tradition.

The Passing of the ‘Baton’

A good start serves no purpose, if the exemplary works done in the past are not continued responsibly. With the outstanding base that was already created in China, the need was to carry-on the good deeds and improvises as per the need of time. It would be very correct to say that the ‘Baton’ of education was carried well indeed.

During 1970s, when the country saw shattering of its barriers to welcome the collaborations with outer world on multiple fronts, education witnessed some major reforms as well. Riding swiftly on these reforms, the education entered a new era of progress. The era which did set the course for development by means of education. Several guidelines were brought in place to further enrich the system of education. Local governments were made responsible for ensuring educational guidelines. The basic education was made compulsory across the country.

The infrastructure of schools and colleges went through severe levels of revamp, so did the content and methods of teaching. Preliminary education, Middle-School education and Higher Education, all took multiple leaps in forward direction.

The Calling of Future

Decorated walls of Present built on a strong foundation of Past always ensures lofty structures of Future. Today, Chinese Education is ranked largest in the world. The seriousness on quantity and quality of education can be gauged from the fact that this sector attracts close to 4% of country’s GDP in terms of investments. With the sense of accomplishment at the national front, the futuristic challenge was to embrace the task of globalization among educational frameworks. The task which is being looked upon with right amount of seriousness in the country. In recent times, the figure of international students studying in china continues to climb steeply. The country has seen almost 11% growth of international students enrolment this year. The credit goes to series of preferential policies drafted by Chinese government for the international students, and the top-quality of educational being provided by the International Schools of China. These schools not only attract the influx of students from multiple countries offshores, but also, serve as a perfect solution for expat students.

The International Schools of China have adopted the globally accepted curriculum model, much similar to many western countries. Moreover, it is ensured that the students enrolled get benefitted of acquiring the education in multiple languages such as, English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese. The globally accepted models of education ensure an easy transition for the students, once they apply for Universities across the world, after completing their schooling. The phenomena of International Schools in China have been gaining a lot of traction of late. The world class facilities and sheer excellence in teaching methodology has completely revolutionised the educational framework in China.

While keeping their roots of enriched culture in-tact, these schools are advancing meticulously on the paths of innovation. As has been the tales and evidences in the history all-around, ‘One that Progresses are the One who Survives’. The International Schools of China are proving to be the Leaders of this Progress that the system was striving for.

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