Top 3 Lucrative Vocational Courses to Consider in 2019

Most of the students look towards Medical and Engineering degree as the only choice of crafting a lucrative career. However, there are plenty of other job-oriented, short term courses available in the education sector which are also lucrative and at the same time instill a different set of skills and aptitude among students to explore new and enthralling opportunities in life. Vocational courses for Forensic Scientists, Foreign Language Expert, and Disaster Management Expert are few of the prominent courses that are gaining popularity these days.

Forensic Scientists

Forensic science is one of the most popular and lucrative vocational career options for students who have interest in a kind of an investigative job. It is a science where aspirants have to craft an aptitude for Explosives, DNA Fingerprinting, Cyber/Computer, Narcotics, Ballistics, Lie Detection, Document Examination, etc. Forensic scientists identify, collect, and classify physical evidence to unearth the hidden truth embedded at the crime scene.  They collect samples like bullets, explosives, or chemical and biological evidence such as blood, hair, teeth, alcohol, bones at the crime scene to connect the missing dots required to solve the case at ease. They also take photographs and prepare evidences at the laboratory using microscope, spectroscopes, infrared and ultraviolet lights, to prepare the solid facts concerning the crime. Moreover, during the criminal proceedings at the court, a forensic expert plays a pivotal role with his/her insightful arguments that uncover during the investigation and assists the Judge to come at a truthful conclusion.

Although, there are many specializations available in this particular vocational course but Forensic Pathology, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Microbiology, Forensic Odontology, and Forensic Fingerprint study are some of the most popular courses that fascinate aspirants the most.

On the employment front, there are ample opportunities available for a Forensic Scientists at 4 Central Forensic Laboratories, 20 State Forensic Science Laboratories, 3 Central Documentation Examination Laboratories, 9 State Document Examination Laboratories, 31 Regional Forensic Science and at 131 District Mobile Forensic Science Units spread across different parts of the country.

As the job requires investigation of forgery, credit card frauds, narcotic analysis, toxicology, pharmacology etc. the opportunities are also emerging with banks, insurance companies, food manufacturing units, police force, etc.

Foreign Language Expert

Languages have the power to create the most profound effect on a human soul than any other thing. It is a medium of connecting mind and even hearts if used in an eloquent way. And if you have an interest in knowing the culture, traditions, and way of life of a particular country- honing expertise in their language is of prime importance. Moreover, learning a new language apart from English language not only adds significant value to your career prospects but also let you earn a handsome salary.

Although, knowing any foreign language can boost a candidates profile but learning French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish language can create miracle in one’s career as these are the most sough-after languages by the corporate companies, embassies, and governmental organizations. A foreign language expert can apply for jobs in teaching, freelancing, translation, technical decoder, and interpretation.

Now-a-days many prominent companies during hiring give more weightage to candidates that know multiple languages. Giants like Accenture, Evalueserve and Wipro are in constant search of language experts for the role of their public relation officer. A foreign language expert can also make a career as Tour Guides if he/she has an interest in history.

International organizations such as the United Nations Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization and various Indian national organizations such as Ministry of External Affairs, Reserve Bank of India, etc. too require professionals who have proficiency in foreign languages.

Disaster Management Expert

Disturbing visuals of Uttarakhand Flash Floods, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Gujarat Earthquake, and Odisha Super Cyclone still haunts the conscience of many in India. These disasters along with others had taken a huge toll on many precious lives and the death count would have gone much higher had our ‘Real- Heroes’- the Disaster Management Experts not deployed on the ground zero at the right time.

In the time of such natural calamities, people need help of an expert who can safely move them towards a safe destination. Disaster Management Experts carry out people evacuation with utmost precision and care because they are trained to do so.

Disaster management course crafts a real hero out of a common man. This course nurtures students to get ready for any challenging situation which is otherwise not possible for any other human being to carry out. The vocational course helps the students to expand their knowledge, abilities, skills, and aptitude on various disasters like fire management, drought management, and flood management among others.

There are ample career opportunities available in this vital and crucial job role of a Disaster Management Expert mainly in government sector. Opportunities also exist in private agencies and non-profit organizations that deal with disaster management services. International forums like United Nations also appoint disaster management professionals. Such professionals get deployed in different capacities like trainees, assistants, experts, researchers, analysts, engineers, medical health experts, environmental experts, rehabilitation workers etc., at the disaster site.

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