Top online tools that increase the productivity of the students
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The educational system around the globe has been influenced by technology and this is making a lot of benefits for the students.

Students take online classes through the usage of the internet and this internet is the main source of information for most of the students.

The internet is also the learning source where it also helps the students to complete their projects. For these projects, numerous tools are helpful for different purposes.

Along with helping in the completion of the projects, these tools increase productivity as well as make the time of the students efficient.

Students, especially higher class students, get a hectic routine in their education life and for this, these tools can help to fulfill their needs quickly.

The following are some of the tools that would help the students of different classes to complete their different subject’s work.

1.    MindGenius

The high school students face difficulty when they have to cover the workload of their institute. MindGenius is a tool that would help in this regard.

This is a tool that is a mapping app for your mind and it brings access for research and to access a new level for completing your tasks.

This is a downloadable software that is paid but you can access the software as a trial version for the first 30 days.

You can organize everyday activities with clarity and unify the overload of information that you have researched or pending.

The beneficial part of this tool also includes the friendly interface, ease-to-use, fast speed, as well as convenience for all the students whether high or primary.

For making this software according to your mind, you can change the template of the software and can start mapping the information that is being organized by you.

2.    Greatest Common Factor Calculator

Online math and other calculators are mostly used by the students when they feel complexity in their questions. Students usually don’t like to do it manually as it is time taking process.

However, one of the most amazing calculators for high school students is the greatest common factor calculator which is also known as the highest common factor calculator.

For finding the GCF, the manual way would take a lot of time especially when the question is complex with multiple numbers.

However, online calculators for finding this would help you to find the answer immediately. You just need to enter the numbers and then it would give you the factors accurately.

Whether it’s one number or multiple, this tool would help you. Not only this, most of the efficient tools offer finding the factors using different ways including division method, prime factorization, and other methods.

3.    Zoho

Zoho is a popular tool that is available online because many students use this to help to complete their projects. Zoho helps students of different ages to complete their presentations and design them at their best.

This tool helps manage the large documents while making the focus the same. This tool is very simple to use as it provides a friendly interface.

The tool further includes the high-level flexibility to the students for making their projects done. This tool features the import and export of any kind of document in your project.

It allows for different formats for your presentation while this tool also helps to use the tool on the mobile. The tool comes with an optimized version for usage on mobile.

4.    Scientific research

Every student requires research in almost all the classes of the high student or above studies. For this, they usually find it difficult because of less knowledge or an unfriendly interface of the research techniques.

However, every student wants to have the ease to research and they usually find a website that has complete material about their topic.

This is the reason why most of the students love Wikipedia because Wikipedia provides you the complete information.

The scientific research is the website that contains all the information through reviewed articles and journals. This not only provides the website but also the application for Android and iOS.

The teachers and students can find the researched material for their relevant topics here. For the academic research, Google might not provide the complete information but this website would provide.

5.    Word Counter

In high schools and universities, most of the projects have a word limit and you have to follow the criteria of these words.

Now, if you go for finding the words and counting it manually then it wouldn’t be accurate and it would take a lot of time.

There is a tool on the internet that is named as word counter which can help you to note the number of words you have written.

Not only this, but you can also know the character of your writing, and this way, you can match the criteria.

The efficient word counter also measures the sentences, word density, and some other facts for your writing.

6.    Essential PIM

The essential PIM is the online calendar that is efficient because it organizes much of your workload. For example, if you are a high school student and you want to schedule the timetable of your institute then you can easily utilize this tool.

The essential PIM can help you to organize your tasks, appointments, passwords, notes, contacts, emails, and other compulsory things. Not only this, this can sync all of your data from different devices and can gather this for your use at any time.

This way, you don’t need to remember all of these things in your mind instead this tool would help you to remember all the things.

7.    Learning Management system

Not only for the students but also the teachers, this tool has become compulsory especially when you have to learn through distance learning.

A learning management system is an online tool that helps you to discuss and manage your course online. The learning management system would also help you to discuss with your fellows and teachers.

Most of the efficient learning management system provides the examination features to the institutes and this way, you can manage the exams online.

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