Top Seven Evolving Fields for Pursuing Sectoral MBA Program

Gone are the days when MBA specialization was limited to the areas like Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources. A number of MBA specializations are in demand in India which guarantees success in diverse career opportunities. Today, the corporate world needs person with expert knowledge in specific field. It is important to have expertise that can help in the formulation of a stronger strategy for survival of organization. In MBA program, after completion of the first year with general management the students get the chance to pursue certain specializations of their interest in second year. Here are few MBA Specializations in evolving fields which are offered by many top B-Schools in India.


Consultancy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the business world. The main job of a consulting profession is to provide opinions and pieces of advice to a company in a particular situation. In the consultancy field, person handles different types of clients in different locations and industries. So, the person must have good presentation and communication skills, corporate strategy skills, analytical skills, and business problem solving ability. After earning degree in MBA in Consulting, the candidate can get job in strategy consulting, IT/technology consulting, operations consulting, as well as in areas like, HR, investments, education and more.

Sports Management

Those who want to build an exciting career in sports, MBA in Sports Management allows the students for several employment options within the sports arena. The sports management involves study of planning, organizing, and supervising various sports activities for the international and domestic sports tournaments. In this profession, the candidate is required to be analytically-minded, should have creative skills, problem solving skills and must have technical ability, leadership, communication, and other soft skills.


With the increase in number of smartphones and tablet the online business is growing rapidly. MBA in e-commerce equips graduates with the skills that are essential for successful online business management or the online operations of a business. The course includes several forms of e-business architectures that can be used to develop different online business models.

 Rural Management

Rural Management encompasses the application of management principles to the rural sector. There is a lot of scope in the rural sector; rural management specialists are involved in corporate social responsibility, micro-finance institutions, small finance banks and more. It refers to the study of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the rural areas, cooperatives, agri- business and similar fields. It gives the chance to contribute towards upliftment of the society, where the light of development is yet to reach through professional management of the institutions and organizations.

Family Business

MBA in Family Business Program offers students the opportunity to further expand their family business and to make the next-generation learn professional ethics and values that are required to run a family business. After completion of this program, students will learn the proper skills required to convert their innovative ideas into business plans.

Petroleum and Energy Management

Oil, gas and energy industry is continuously developing itself. Like any other sector, this ever-expanding and innovating sector also needs efficient managers. This sector requires experts to deal with managerial, techno-managerial and other sector related issues in functional areas such as Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Client Management etc. After completion of this course one can find several lucrative career opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry both in India and abroad.


Financial Technology is the use of technology to make financial transactions more efficient. It is a growing field and numbers of programs have been introduced in this area. Several prominent business schools have started providing MBA with specialization in FinTech. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is transforming the fundamental principles of finance. There are several companies hiring qualified FinTech experts. The demand for this new, ever-changing program is going to rise in near future.

Apart from the above mentioned courses, there are a variety of MBA specializations that are offered by several Business schools in India. There may be many factors that influence the decision regarding the area one wishes to opt for. It totally depends upon person’s priority, as per the market demand, interest area, preferred job profile, and compensation package.

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