Transforming Education in the Metaverse

Dr. Naeema Pasha talks on how many of us in the learning, coaching, and leadership fields may be making predictions about how the adoption of generative AI will turn out. However, setting that aside for a moment, we need also think about how the Metaverse will impact us.

I hired Sam Isaacson, a coach and consultant who specialises in coaching technology specialists and who also developed an online community in this area, to work on this article. Sam, who has experience in professional services and consulting, has written extensively on the use of technology in coaching. Probably best to start at the beginning before diving into the specifics.

The word “metaverse” refers to a not-too-distant future version of the internet where people will employ immersive technology to leave their immediate surroundings. Imagine shopping in a three-dimensional online retail store, swimming through a coral reef in your living room, corresponding with a business associate in a different time zone over a coffee shop table or leading children on a field trip to walk on the moon without ever leaving their computers.

Sam claims that he believes the metaverse has the power to significantly alter schooling. For students, it can offer immersive and engaging learning opportunities that would be challenging or dangerous in the actual world, such as surgery or explosive experiments.

Additionally, it’s beneficial for coaching since the metaverse may activate the motor centre of the brain and develop muscle memory for tasks requiring the use of the hands and body. Coaches will be able to connect with their customers online in a way that feels more authentic than any other technology has been able to do, making it potentially more accessible.

He said, “In order to stay in touch, we must follow our clients’ technological directions. The best coaches, according to him, train themselves in advance to stay resilient in the face of constantly shifting currents. I started the Coachtech Collective as a global network of fearless and inquisitive coaches who want to improve their practises, stay current, and safeguard the future of the profession because of this.”

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