Tucareers: Facilitating Career Choices across an individual’s life time!!
Mohit Bhatnagar | Founder | Tucareers

The world of work is changing rapidly and career guidance is now needed across the life time of an individual. With the new paradigm of individuals having to take responsibility of one’s career, the need for, career guidance and counseling has become essential to navigate through the journey from school to college and working life.

Tucareers framework provides career guidance assessment and tools that independent career counselors, schools and counselling organizations can adopt to provide accurate and research based guidance to individuals. Once individuals knows what suits them best and are confident of their hunch-and-instinct choices, they are motivated to give their best and have more chances to succeed in meeting their short and long term career goals.

If one feels uncertain about the career path or the skills they have to build r or to decide on a course to pursue Tucareers career decision framework is here to assuage your doubts and accurately guide you.

In the Race for Excellence

Tucareers is a provider of accurate and research-based career guidance framework. Its premier objective has always been of helping the career decision makers reach the right decision and make an informed choice.

Using the latest researches in the career decision theories, psychometric assessments, and data from the world’s largest career database O*NET, this Lucknow, India -based organization has developed a global framework that helps under graduate and post graduate students, and working professionals to make the right career choice.

Tucareers provides a unique phased model (ONETCPTM) to facilitate the search for the right career, education and skill set. Designed for both individuals and educational institutes, the platform provides comprehensive and research based solutions with critical analysis of the industry. Guidance is provided for both white collar and blue collar categories of jobs.. It also provides bilingual support and guidelines that map national and international career standards.

Tucareers also works as a consultant to industry and offers business research and analytics services. The analytics analyzes organizations’ business data, and provides actionable insights using statistical methods, natural language processing using open source, and COTS tools.

Building Strong Foundation/ Metrics that Matter

Tucareers’ career assessment products include:

  • Career Spark Lite Grade 8: It helps school students discover the world of work.
  • Career Spark Basic Grade 9-10: It helps school students in Stream Selection.
  • Career Spark Advanced Grade 11-12: Helps school students to decide on college courses.
  • Career Ignite: Is specially designed for UG/PG students for stream/specialization and suitable roles in industry.
  • Career Energize: Is made for professionals to help them in career planning and role selection.

Similarly, Tucareers Beacon is a shared career guidance platform; a solution for schools, colleges, independent counselors/mentors, and educational consultants that provides career guidance services.

Through this platform end-to-end assistance is provided in making informed career choices, profile building, skill development and much more.

In the toolbox

The platform comprises a host of psychometric tests, aptitude tests and personality assessment that are useful for guidance and self-development. These include career tests for students, graduates and working professionals, as well as a host of behavioral, competencies and personality tests . It also hosts Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based NLP tools for resume analysis and personality profiling.

The Inimitable Leader

The Founder of the ambitious venture is Mohit Bhatnagar. Tucareers is a reward of his hard work and a lifelong entrepreneurial dream

He is a graduate from IIT Roorkee and IIM Bangalore, and has completed his doctorate from IIM Lucknow in the field of decision sciences. His multi-disciplinary research involves career decision making, HR and analytics.

Mohit’s doctoral thesis work forms the research basis for Tucareers. His work validating O*NET in for career guidance in India, has been published in the journal from ‘International Association of Education and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG)’. He has been a faculty for business research, analytics and natural language processing at IIM Lucknow and other management colleges in India

Mohit’s technical experience for effective career counseling has developed methods and strategies that well equip students for the risks and challenges for their professional lives.

Leveraging Technology in Interesting Ways

Since Tucareers’  assessments are translated in multiple languages, they are used in schools and colleges across both urban and rural areas. Tucareers, through its platform, provides a list of MOOC courses which are centered around video lessons, readings, assessments, and discussion forums.

As the solutions are hosted on a cloud based platform using open source tools and technologies, they are highly scalable, frugal and easy to maintain and extend.

Tucareers provides age appropriate career exploration models. The models include clusters and pathway models for school students, industry entrants, and professionals. The reports are mapped to recommended careers for specific roles.

An individual on Tucareers’ website can search for jobs from job portals worldwide which are filtered according to the desired location.

Tucareers has also launched a career assessment for children with learning and other disabilities, where recommendations to the children are provided in keeping with their abilities. It also provides a maladjustment assessment which is a critical need for depression linked illnesses and violent behaviors in schools.

Looking Beyond, New Agenda in the Boardroom

As part of Tucareers consulting offerings in the industry, it is full set to introduce Role.fit – a research driven platform which can provide a fit for an individual across his behavioural, cognitive and job design preferences, and competencies across a vast database of roles.  The platform also has abilities to map individuals to customized roles across sectors and industries. Along with natural language processing insights, the platform also provides IP based services in latent resume analysis competency matching and skill based analytics for making internal job markets more dynamic. Tucareers envisions to build an international presence and offer solutions to countries like UAE, USA, South Africa, Australia etc. It already has trails underway in two countries and its free tests are availed by individuals of over 25 countries across the globe. It also has a developed a partner network in India which includes a Top 3 IT multinational.

Due to the comprehensive and outcome based career guidance platform, students outside India are also adopting the solutions Tucareers offers. To know more and try a free test visit, https://www.tucareers.com/.

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