UAE and Japan to Collaborate for Educational Cooperation
UAE and Japan

To strengthen their collaboration in the area of education, Japan and the United Arab Emirates intend to sign an agreement.

On Monday, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will meet UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed where they will sign the deal. Kishida left Japan on Sunday for a tour of the Middle East.

It will be the first time Japan and the UAE have reached an agreement regarding education.

The purpose of the memo is to improve collaboration between administrative and educational specialists and information sharing between schools in the two nations.

The agreement also covers the best technique to assess students’ progress and the exchange of advanced knowledge about running elementary, junior high, senior high, and university settings.

Japanese educational practises, such as morning assemblies and making students clean up the school, have piqued the interest of emerging nations, many of which believe the Japanese method is successful in teaching kids about collaboration and discipline.

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the president of Egypt, has vigorously backed Japanese-style education.

As it seeks to reduce its reliance on oil exports, the UAE is eager to develop human resources to diversify its industrial sector.

A memorandum on collaboration between the public and business sectors relating to space development is also set to be signed by Japan and the UAE.

According to reports, Tokyo is optimistic that these accords will help to improve UAE citizens’ perceptions of and understanding of Japan. Additionally, the Japanese government wants to persuade gifted UAE youngsters to enrol in Japanese schools and institutions.

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