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The sheer pace at which the world is moving proves us that change is inevitable. This pace, magnitude and omnipresence of technologies and other factors have heralded a new dynamic, where the one to adapt constantly and innovate with speed will lead. Standing on the cusp of an already transformed world and with disruptions occurring in industries and careers, the aspiring students of today are looking for institutions and educators who will help them achieve the present- day required skills. The London based, UK College of Business and Computing – Dubai Campus is one of the leading institutions that nurtures high-quality professionals. The programs at UK College of Business and Computing will not only help students keep pace with the ever-evolving world, industries, and careers, but to drive it and lead companies to the zenith of success.

The Profound Academe

Established in 2001, UKCBC is an independent higher education provider, whose central belief is to add professional value to every student. The fascinating brand story of this college should be portrayed with the confidence it deserves. During the initial years of its inception, UKCBC started with teaching Higher National Diplomas, Postgraduate Diplomas and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) courses from their Wentworth House campus in Gants Hill, East London. Following significant growth over the years, UKCBC expanded further into Central and Greater London with 4 additional campuses in Lords House, Park Royal, Cricklewood, Holborn and an English language branch, UK College of English (UKCE).

The launch of UKCBC’s Dubai Campus in the summer of 2018 is the first step towards the College’s international expansion and  indicating strategic growth and showing us the prominence of this college. This campus was established with an aim to deliver affordable, quality education to local and international students in the Middle East. Being the first British Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provider in the UAE, the college aims to add value to the growing demand for vocational qualifications in the region through a skills-based teaching structure designed to help students stand out to employers.

This Dubai campus kicked off with providing BTEC Diplomas in Business alongside English language and introductory ACCA courses. Since then, it has introduced a variety of courses to suit the needs of the student body including BTEC Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas (HND) in Business, Computing and Engineering, a full suite of ACCA qualifications, IELTS Training & Testing, and General English Language courses across all levels. The programs are designed in consultation with employers to equip students with the skills and expertise needed to perform their jobs with confidence and meet the demands of modern businesses. The qualifications, awarded by Pearson, the worlds’ largest learning company, have excelled in producing students who outshine in any demanding professional environment.

The Ultra-Modern Substructure

The greatest asset an educational institution holds apart from its competent lecturers is its infrastructure and facilities. UK College of Business and Computing, Dubai has the finest amenities for its students. Located in the heart of Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), a student hub and home to many international universities; UKCBC Dubai aims to be one of the most innovative and affordable education providers in the area. Spread over 19,000 square feet, this campus has modern classrooms, versatile computer labs, a fully-equipped library and a theatre-style auditorium. Other support facilities of the college include, designated male and female prayer rooms, a relaxing student lounge, communal green areas and a food court within the DIAC premises.

Aiming for the holistic development of students, it proudly speaks about its warm and friendly environment where students can look forward to learning through a variety of different methods. The administration team of this college works closely with the academic staff to provide excellent student support and guidance throughout students’ career progression. This student-centric college aids its learners at every step of their educational journey. The excellent support system manages all the visa application process for local and international students, provides comfortable accommodations and convenient transportation options to and from different Emirates within UAE.

The Academic Rigor

Aligned to meet the highest tier of educational standard, UKCBC offers a variety of Business courses starting from a high school completion diploma level. The prime focus of these qualifications is on the development of practical, industry-based skills that allow these students to transfer to over 200 universities worldwide or gain entry level employment. It follows the vocational qualification route towards higher education, providing BTEC Level 2 Diploma (High School Completion Diploma), BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma (Applied Foundations) and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business, equivalent to the first two years of a university degree.

BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Business, a 12-month course: offers an ideal point of entry for those looking to move into a professional business role. Equivalent to a High School certificate, this 12-month programme helps students progress in their career in a cost-effective manner. This course ensures the skills acquired are recognized by universities and employers globally, providing an excellent pathway to aspiring students.

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business, also a 12-month course; is a stepping stone to higher qualifications in business and management. Students aged 16 and above, can benefit from this applied foundation course to boost university applications for an undergraduate degree or gain entry level employment. This vocational qualification offers in-depth knowledge of various business concepts, processes, techniques and strategies to help them gain an intermediate professional understanding of the industry.

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business; is a 24-month course focused on the practical application of knowledge, helping students develop the necessary skills required to solve problems creatively and adapt to various workplace challenges. This qualification provides students with a strong understanding of various areas of study like marketing, management, logistics, human resource or accounting.

Remarkable Scholarships & Bursaries  

Education is one such privilege that is yet not received by all and some of the students put tremendous effort in just reaching college every day. Finance is one of the deterrents that hinder students and working professionals  from seeking higher education, however, with the right assistance, this hindrance can be eliminated. Initiated with an aim to eliminate this barrier, the college offers several partial scholarships and grants divided over the duration of the course of study.

Some of the scholarships awarded are as follows:

Early Bird Discount: Students can avail special early enrolment grants of up to AED 3,000 + an iPad Mini 4 to aid in their academic journey by enrolling before specified cut-off dates.

Family discount: Siblings from the same family can join any of the college’s course at UKCBC and avail a 10% discount for each year they both will be studying together at Campus.

Talent Discount: It offers 10% off on tuition fees for extraordinary students in sports, creativity or work experience.

Partner school scholarships: All GEMS and other partner schools are applicable to 15% off tuition fees

ESAAD, DEWA and Emirati scholarship: ESAAD Card holders, DEWA employees and Emirati students receive up to 40% off total tuition fees.

ACCA Merit Scholarship Programme: Students with exceptional results in their respective grade 12 final exams in Accounting can receive up to 100% year-round scholarship for the college’s ACCA programmes.

Apart from the aforesaid, UKBC also offer scholarships for select expat nationalities.

Global Partnerships

In an effort to offer truly global qualifications with extraordinary value, UKCBC has entered several global partnerships that allow students and graduates to gain international recognition for their qualifications.

Students completing a Higher National Diploma in Business at the Dubai Campus are able to progress directly into the third year of Bath Spa University, UK for the BA Hons in Business & Management degree.

Similarly, students completing the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business can seamlessly transfer to University of Birmingham – Dubai Campus for the BSc Hons Business Management degree.

Navigating the Path towards a Prospering Career

UKBC’s history of turning out exceptional graduates has earned it an estimable reputation. Its BTEC qualifications in Business focus not only on the theory but the practical application of skills required in a working environment where the students get hands-on industry experience. BTEC diplomas offer students valuable entry-level work experience which helps them reach the finish line of the race for getting employed at first. UKCBC promotes vocational qualifications and focuses on skills-based learning by thus, allowing its students to have work-ready skills to make them stand out to recruiters. The readiness and skills-centric structure of vocational qualifications allow most BTEC students to gain employment within 6 months of graduation.

UKBC’s qualifications put heavy emphasis on instilling industry and management skills as well as training in specific fields of Business which has resulted in students getting a solid foundation in kick-starting their careers. Awarded by Pearson, the world’s largest learning company, all the qualifications of UKBC not only satisfy the local market needs but also equip students with practical skills that are appreciated in any international market. Upon graduation, UKBC students demonstrate characteristics like confidence, professionalism and are equipped with all the industry required skills. This college has made it point to ensure that its business programmes makes a constructive contribution to solving the problems posed by the transition from education to employment, ensuring that the future generation has the necessary skills the economy needs.

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